Introduction: Super Easy and Awesome Pen Gun

Title says it all. This pen gun will go through paper at close range with ease.

If you injury yourself or anyone else I am not responsible. No matter what. Have fun thought.

Also this is my first Instructable so if i mess any thing up please tell me!

Step 1: Stuff Needed to Build the Gun

The hard 2nd to hardest part. Finding the stuff.
1. Clicky sharpie highlighter
2. Pilot G2 pen
3. Paper
4. Large paper clip

Step 2: Take Apart the Highlighter

extracting the spring from the highlighter is pretty easy. All you need to do is twist the top clip thingy and it will separate. Then remove the highlighter tube. The spring will with either be a the end of the tube or inside the highlighter body. The spring needs to be removed from the white spring holder.

Keep the spring. Do something with the other parts.

Note: Use the big spring at the bottom of the highlighter not the spring at the thumb clicker thingy.

Step 3: Take Apart the Pen

Gut the pen.
1. Unscrew the top and bottom half of the pen.
2. Remove ink and spring
3. Using the ink cartridge, push the thumb clicker out from the top.

Step 4: Put Gun Together

1. Take the top half of the pen and put the thumb control button in.
2. Insert spring from highlighter.
3. Insert the weird looking thing

Remember that paper I said you needed? Time to find it.
This is mostly trial and error. Tear a piece(not as big as mine) of the paper and ball if up. Put that into the top half of the pen. Be sure to make the balled up paper big enough to stop the gun from unloading its self.

Step 5: Paper Clip Time!!!

Straighten the paper clip. The straighter the better.

Step 6: Cocking the Gun

Take the ink and the top half of the pen and push the paper below the little ridge or until it will not move. DO NOT PRESS THE THUMB CONTROL YET!!!!!

Screw the bottom half of the pen on.

Step 7: Put the Paper Clip in the Bottom Half of the Gun.

Read that^^^ then aim away from you and press the thumb control.

Step 8: DONE!!

Done! Now have fun.

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