Introduction: Super Eco - Box - Keep First the Earth Safe!

About: I'm just making some ideas to become real.

Keep Earth beautiful, fight climate change, pollution..
Using some creativity you can do a big difference for protecting the Nature.

But if your problem is
Mess in the room?
Here is the key.
Say Thanks Lord ! and
keep your things safe from Mama's scolding!

I hope you like it!

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Step 1: What You Need:

Dont buy anything! - only the glue :) -
Try to find out , all you need to make the SuPeR BoX !

- A bond-paper box. - like this green of the pic ;) - you can get it easy on the Streets.
- Gift Wrapping Paper , what you have at home.
- A good glue.

Step 2: Making the Box

- turn the box outside
You can use the brow side or the real side.

Step 3: ...

- Glue the parts

Step 4: Pump It !

- Here you need just glue the paper like you want.
I made it only on the lip of the box.

So, now all your stuffs have their place ;)

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