Introduction: Super Efficient Joule Thief DIY

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A joule thief is a minimalist Armstrong self-oscillating voltage booster that is small, low-cost, and easy to build, typically used for driving light loads.It can use nearly all of the energy in a single-cell electric battery, even far below the voltage where other circuits consider the battery fully discharged; hence the name, which suggests the notion that the circuit is stealing energy or "joules" from the source. The term is a pun on the expression "jewel thief": one who steals jewelry or gemstones.

Super Efficient Joule Thief DIY to steal all the last energy from a battery and without any Toroid coil. Save your time to get more effect. In this project i will shows you the combination simplicity of the circuit and a few variants on the design which add extra components to improve efficiency to make one.The materials of this project is a single, general purpose small NPN 2n2222 transistor A331, Resistor 5.6K Ohm 1/4W,10nf ceramic capacitor 103, OA90 Germanium signal diode, 5mm round white led, 20 mA, 3.2 V (Light Emitting Diode) and 83uH tiny Inductor instead Toroid coil. Stay Tuned and Enjoy! Please click the "like" button, subscribe my channel, and share this with your friends... To support my "work" every little bit helps! Watch the "ADS" THANKS....

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