Introduction: Super Fishing Carrying Box

Hello guys, today I am gonna teach how to build a box to carry your fishing supplies using things you might have laying around almost from free.

Step 1: Cutting the Box

For this steps we need two milk crates and as for tools. Hand saw and regular knife.

We gonna start by cutting the lower portion of the first milk crate. Super simple, patience is needed as is a lil annoying.

First start cutting the bars before attempting to cut the solid plastic portion. I found it easier that way.

Once you fishing cutting the lower portion. Let's clean the edge, at this point you could use sand paper or like me. I used a knife to cut the additional uneven pieces. It's not perfect but it's up to you ?

Step 2: Adding a Top Lid

For this step we gonna need. Soldering iron and zip tides.

Now that we clear cut the Lower half of the milk crate. We gonna put it on top and use it as a lid and We gonna use zip tides as a hinge system.

Let's start by aligning the lid (lower crate we cut) on top of our second milk crate. Let's select were we gonna make the holes.

For the first crate, Make the wholes at the base channel of the milk crate.

For the second crate, do not make the holes all the way at top channel as it would be block by the excess of the first crate (lid) once it's sitting on top. So, let's chose the second or third channels. For me they were clear. (check pictures)

We gonna used a Soldering iron or a drill at this point to make the holes. Since, I'm lazy. I used soldering iron ( try either cleaning the tips or using a secondary soldering iron. As it would get your tip super nasty and it would be hard to solder with it once used or if you did not clean it) . I made 6 holes for each crate, 3 on the left and 3 on the right.

Now put the zip tides (check pictures) lock them and try the lid.

Step 3: Making the Pole Holders With the Locking Mechanism

For this step we will used a sharpie for marking, small hand saw for cutting , soldering iron to make holes burn cutting, and anything to grab like wire cutter.

Disclaimer: Please, if you're under 18 be very careful and try to have Adult supervision. Cutting pipes with a saw could be very challenging for some people. I advise you be careful and use patience.

These pipes I had hanging around the garage. So, time to used them. These you can cut them any length you desire that fits your crate. So, I won't be giving you any measurements unless requested.

Let's start by drawing an reverse L shape. That way the handle of the fishing pole go all the way down the pipe and we can lock it by moving it to the left. (see pictures)

Now let start cutting the pipe by using two cuts. At the base of the L and the upper part of the L. (horizontal cut) It would be so much easier trust me now let's make one long cut along the pipe (vertical cut)

Now for the last horizontal cut. We gonna use soldering iron to make 3 holes horizontally and then use the soldering iron to unite those 3 holes in a straight line. Once done that. Use some tongues or the wire cutter to lift it and clean it bit and poof you first pipe is done. Now doit 4 more times LOL.

You can attach them at the front of the crate using zip tides or making holes to slip some zip tides in. But, if you make holes make them vertical that way the zip tides do not obstruct the poles going down the pipe.

Step 4: Spot Light Pipe Whole Widening.

For this step you need a hair dryer or a heat gun, and thicker pipe to fit the the handle of the spot light.

I did not have a thicker pipe so I widen the whole by heating it up till it get soft and use one of of the rod holders to spread it or widen it so the handle fits snuggle.

Once again use patience and use some gloves down burn your hands.

Step 5: Net Pipe Holder.

For this step you need. Small hand saw, and plastic cap to avoid the net to fall thru the pipe. Oh and glue gun to glue the cap.

Let's make a vertical cut and a horizontal cut to open pipe. Let's go a lil deeper on the vertical cut. So, it's easier to slide down the net.

Time to attached the plastic cap (from clothe liquid soap) let's cut the bottom portion and glue it to the pipe and wallah it's done.

Step 6: Time to Add Some Charging Ports

For this step we need soldering iron, cables, solder.

I bought a 12v kit socket that's comes with USB and a lighter socket. From amazon.
(You can put this sockets where is most convenient for you. I put them on the lid crate) .

Let's start by removing the plastic screws of the sockets (USB and lighter socket) so we can remove them and use the plastic plate to make the holes. I made the holes using the same method as the pipe for fishing poles. Makes tons of holes while holding the plates and then join them together till the hole was clear and we can fit the sockets in the crate (lid) . (look at the pictures)

Now the picture for the cables already solder is only as a sample as how I solder the cables to connect them to the battery. DO NOT SOLDER TILL YOU FEED THE SUCKETS THRU THE PLASTIC AND CONNECT THE PLASTIC NUT. Other wise you will realize a mistake LOL.

Once you feed them thru and solder your cables. You can connect a switch. If you do not have a switch. you can simply connected directly to the battery or salvage a switch.

I got my switches from some old computer power supplies that were dead. I open them and salvage the switches. That's where I also got the cables I used.. Also, since you like fishing you may already have a switch if you have any broken pumps. Those switch can also be used.

Or buy them at any electric store or radio shack ¬_¬ they like 3 bucks.

To connect the switch is simple. Just connect the positive cable from the USB and the lighter socket to one of the switch end and the other end to the positive port of the battery.


Step 7: Let There Be Light.

You need. One more switch, 12v led lights, hot glue and if you want to protect your items and planning to add more things to the battery.

Let's run led lights inside the crate. I split the lights in two and solder them together. This led lights are water proof and they come mark as to were to cut them and solder. So makes our life easier.

I used hot glue to attached them to the crate. After all this is done. I added the switch to the positive cable. By soldering one of the ends to the positive cable and the other end to the battery. And wallah let there be light.

As to the switch, I salvage it from a dead power supply. Look at the pictures.

Step 8: Connecting Everything.

To connect everything I used to cables I salvage from one super old power supplies that came with end connector. I use two of those one for the positive and one for the negative lines

For this you need a cable stripper, soldering iron, solder and cables.

I used the cables that came with the connectors. And make two strips along the cable. Look at the picture for reference.

Somethings lime this...... Strip.... Strip... Strip. 3 strips in total. One to connect the lights, one to connect the ubs/lighter socket, and one to connect anything else.

I connected them and solder them accordingly. Positive to positive and negative to negative and wallah.

I'm using little clamps for my spot light and lure light to just connect when I need too. Same for 12v pump for the make shift live well I have.

Step 9: Thank You Very Much!

Thanks for reading.

I apologize before hands for all the spelling mistakes and typos. English is not my first language.

Please vote for the events of making a box. Acquiring more tools will help me on making videos and tutorials and sharing my knowledge in this amazing hobby with all of you.

I shared some of my memories with you. Now go make you're own....


More tutorials comming up. Thank you for everything. Any questions please ask and I will answer as soon as possible.

Video would be here soon. Now time to go fishing woot Woot.

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