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a handle to grip on hard materials that are otherwise hard to transport. IMAGINE 2 of these handles(left and right hand) to transport bricks and stuff over unleveled ground where a wheelbarrow would get stuck!

Step 1: The Video of the Build

So, here is a video of me building a device to transport stones and other heavy hard stuff. The principle is not new, i just have build a newer concept so it fits my needs. This one is adjustable so different sizes can be hauled.

All materials were 100% recycled scrap ends. Well, except the 1 nut with teflon ring.

Even the paint was a leftover that was getting hard. Luckily i could get out just enough to paint this part.

Step 2: How It Looks Painted

Well, the photos say more than i can. very simple concept, but if you have one in your left hand and one in the other you can transport a lot of awkward stuff in one run ;-). Easy to transport 10 bricks over unleveled ground where a wheel barrow get stuck.

Step 3: The Principle in Photos

Just put the adjustable yaw to the bricks with the handle totally down. then gently pick up the handle so the bricks are lifted form the ground. If the adjustable jaw moves too much while picking up, reposition it. normally ones you have picked it up the right way, the bricks cant move and will stay in the gripp untill released again.

byebye, see you next time!

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    Very cool! Just an FYI, the super granular picture on the first slide made it impossible for me to actually recognize while clicking on it.


    Reply 4 years ago

    thx for letting me know mate. i will change it. this pic was my standard youtube picture :-)