Super Long Barrel K'nex Rubber Band Gun (S.L.B.K.R.B.G) :D (first Instructable)

Introduction: Super Long Barrel K'nex Rubber Band Gun (S.L.B.K.R.B.G) :D (first Instructable)

---85% CREDIT TO Ryan Farrington (2004)--
I took this guy's idea and enhanced it because I thought it would be awesome, and it is! I put that thing around the trigger (pic 2) and added the long barrel.
Also I adjusted some other things

Step 1: Preparation

The main thing— I'm trying to be as detailed as possible because I hate it when people aren't specific enough

By the way, if any connectors have different or even slightly different colors, they all have the same effect. I just like having things match, I don't really care WHICH color it is.

you need 2 rubber bands
(plus one for the ammo

Step 2: Assembly

Pretty self explanatory...just ask any questions if you are having trouble.

Step 3: The Barrel

The barrel! yay!

Step 4: Almost Done!!!!

about 5 rubber bands needed (tie 3 together for the ammunition)

Step 5: Done! Now How Does It Shoot?

ayy lmao you're done now you can go noscope your friends and family and not get arrested cuz it don't do no damage son. Have fun and feel free to complain about how rubbish it is in the comments!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, this isn't rubbish at all!

    This is a great first instructable, and very well documented. I like the helpful notes in the photos, that's a nice touch.


    Reply 8 years ago

    well gee thanks, I also like how people find this stuff and comment on it the very day you make it! I am not too extreme with the stuff so I might not make the best things in the world so thank you.