Introduction: Super Mac Plus (modern Tablet)

This instructable shows you how to take any smallish 7 or 8 inch tablet and make it into a glorious 1984 supercomputer. 

For this effort you will need an old mac plus or other old mac

Stuff you will need: 
Old Mac
New Small Tablet
Packaging that came with the tablet or some junk cardboard
Power supply for small tablet
Box cutter

Step 1 - open up the mac and remove all the components - you may find it useful to save the screws.  You can find instructions for this on youtube: .

Step 2 - open up the packaging that came with your tablet

Step 3 - carve up the pieces of your packaging that kept your tablet snug and reposition them into your mac plus.  The Dell Venue 8 packaging fits pretty much perfectly snug inside the casing for the plus.

Step 4 - put the pieces together

Step 5 - fire it up and enjoy!  Bluetooth keyboards and mouses are probably a good idea. 

I've got a lot of great photos that show the process. 


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