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Introduction: Super Mario Brothers Gold Coin "Snow" Globe

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Welcome fellow instructable lovin' users!  Today you will learn how to create your own Super Mario Brothers Gold Coin "Snow" Globe!

Lesson Ideas for Art Education:

Recycling (using broken paper clips, old jars and jar lids)

Learning Modeling

Taking about armatures

Creating something 2-D into 3-D

Following Directions

Art Terms

UPDATE:  I moved this Mario into a clear jar so I could see him better, I still feel a Recycled jar would be fine, but for the subject matter in this 'able I feel the clear jar is better.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

Sculpey® III

White :S302 001

Black: S302 042

Emerald :S302 323

Yellow:S302 072

Red Hot Red:S302 583

Blue:S302 063

Beige:S302 093

Chocolate: S302 053

Sculpey® Tools (Mine came with the Sculpey® Crafty Clay Variety Pack I bought)

Paper Clips

Tin Foil

Jar& Jar Lid

Baby Oil



Optional Materials:

Tooth pick
Needle Tool
Sculpey® Clay Conditioning Machine
Sculpey® Acrylic Roller
Sculpey® Clay Softener

Step 2: Follow This Instructable

To save you time, follow this instructable : Super Mario Brothers Polymer Clay Sculpture

It wasn't until I had finished creating that sculpture that I relaize hey wait a second I could also make a snow globe!

Step 3: Prepare the Jar

I would suggest finding a clear jar with out any writing on the jar or imbedded into the jar.  (I sadly did not have a clear jar, I had to pull one out of the trash...recycling is our friend)

Take glitter and put some inside the bottom of the bottle

Step 4: Oil

Add Baby oil into the jar.  Do not fill it the entire way.  You are going to want to try out your lid with Mario first.  (Basically you have to figure out how much space is going to be displaced in your jar from the figure)

Step 5: Mario

Drop Mario into the jar and see how much more oil you can add.  Slowly pour more oil inside the jar.  Drop in your star (because the star is fun) Do leave an inch to a 1/2 inch of space in the jar so you can easily shake around the materials.

Step 6: Glue It!

Put E-6000 all around the top of the jar, this will help seal it in place.

Step 7: Screw on the Lid

Put the lid on and screw it down tightly.  Let it sit and dry.  Once the glue has dried, flip over the jar, and tada you have a "snow" globe!  I went ahead and put a bead of E6000 around the outside of the lid for extra security.

Again I would suggest a completely clear jar, I may change Mario out eventually and put him in a clear jar or create another one.  This is what I had around the house that I was about to toss out, I love making trash into treasure!

UPDATE:  I moved this Mario into a clear jar so I could see him better, I still feel a Recycled jar would be fine, but for the subject matter in this 'able I feel the clear jar is better.

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    8 years ago

    Are there any other molds that can be used for the models inside the jar?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This also works with aquasoft plasticine (from Staedler/Eberhard Faber). It doesn't harden, but once in the jar that doesn't matter. Obviously it resists water. Simple shapes can be shaken without problems.
    It can be used by younger children than Sculpey (But it's not Play-doh!).


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey cool idea! Now, if you use oil I wonder if it will eventually melt the clay....clearly I now have to try! :)