Introduction: Super Mario Brothers With Dry Bones Dungeon "Snow" Globe

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Welcome fellow instructable lovin' users!

Today you will learn how to create your own Super Mario Brothers With Dry Bones Dungeon "Snow" Globe!  I know what you are thinking, wait poofrabbit didn't you JUST make Super Mario Brothers Gold Coin "Snow" Globe!?The answer to that fantastic question is...yes, yes I did.

My brother came to visit me tonight and loved my last instructable.  I didn't want to give up what I had made, and like I pointed out, I found that jar and clear would have been loads better.   He begged me to make him one, and as a good, kind, and loving older sister I said ok....but you buy the jar.  So, after a trip to the local big box store, I set off to make him his very own.  Even better, my gem of a brother bought me a case of clear mason jars, now I'm dangerous!  ( He also put in a request for a snow globe to give his favoriate professor, so you will be seeing a non-game related snow globe soon.)

This 'able would be great for art education or for a summer camp project.  The thing to remember is, it does not have to be a Nintendo character in the jar, your only limitation is your imagination (and your amount of clay on hand)

So read on game lovin' instructavillians!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed:

Sculpey® III

White :S302 001

Black: S302 042

Yellow:S302 072

Red Hot Red:S302 583

Blue:S302 063

Beige:S302 093

Chocolate: S302 053

Sculpey® Tools (Mine came with the Sculpey® Crafty Clay Variety Pack I bought)

Paper Clips

Tin Foil

Jar& Jar Lid




Optional Materials:

Tooth pick
Needle Tool
Baby Oil (in place of the water and Glycerin)
Sculpey® Acrylic Roller
Sculpey® Clay Softener
Sculpey® Clay Conditioning Machine

Step 2: Follow This Instructable or Look at the Pictures

For Mario you can follow my first instructable Super Mario Brothers Polymer Clay Sculpture.

I will post the pictures for this Mario as well (He's a little smaller).  I do not like the looks of this Mario as much, I was in a hurry to get it done, I know no excuses, but it's true.

Step 3: The Block

My bro wanted this set up in the dungeon so I used the blue ? box found on some levels.  To make the box I make a tinfoil square then covered it with clay.  I mixed white and blue to get this lovely blue.  The ? was a white coil rolled out and place on the box.  I took a broken paperclip and drove it into the ? box, Mario's leg went into the other half of the clip.  So I could work on dry bones, I put his other foot on a container so I could keep him balanced.

Step 4: Dry Bones

I dropped the ball here, I got talking to my brother and stopped taking pictures.  In good news, there is a great instructable out there showing a fantastic way to make dry bones.  ( I actually made the project myself) so if you can't figure it out from my lack of pictures check out: book_worm'sDry Bones.

Just like with Mario I made a wire armature, then covered it in tinfoil.

I started by adding black around his midsection.  I then added white for the head and arms.  I used a light beige for the rings around his belly.  I created a light grey for the shell plates.  I rolled black ovals for his eyes and yellow balls for his pupils.  His hands and feet were created using a off white, light light grey.  I used the same brown for the bottom of his shoes as I did Mario's.

Step 5: Bake and Create!

Now, this was not a wide mouthed jar, so part of the sculpture was actually wider than the mouth.  I knew if I baked it before putting it in the jar, this would cause a problem then getting the sculpture into the jar.  While the clay was still pliable I placed the sculpture in the jar and baked it as stated in the directions. 

The jar can take the heat of the oven, but don't freak out when it's hard to get the lid off, it will created a seal just like it would in canning. 

I knew I wouldn't be able t remove the entire sculpture so I held it up enough to put in the requested blue glitter, Boo (which I added latter, made with a tin foil ball and clay wrapped around it so he floats).

For this jar I used water and glycerin.  I had visions of my brother dropping the jar in his apartment and getting baby oil everywhere.  This worked okay, but having done it both ways I prefer the oil, I like the glitter lingering longer.

Once filled with water and several dashes of glycerin I screwed the lid on tight.  I did not glue his in place because he could not decided yet if he wanted more glitter or not.

I can't wait to see what you make feel free to ask any questions needed!

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