Introduction: Super Mario Brothers World One

Lets Get Started!

Step 1: Generate or Find a Picture Reference of the Super Mario World World One Island.

find your picture

Step 2: Using the Reference Photo, Create Different Aspects of the Picture in TinkerCad, or Any 3D Modeler of Your Choice. ( Hills, Ladder, Castle, Rocks, Etc. )

make sure to use tinker cad

Step 3: Gather Materials

These are the recommended materials that you use, however, it will work with other materials if you can’t get your hands on some of these things.

Green/Gray 3D Printer Filament

Access to a 3D Printer

Green Blue, and Yellow paint


Box cutter


Hot glue

12oz soda bottle


Step 4: Begin to 3D Print Your Pieces Using the 3D Modeler You Used Earlier.

make sure to watch the printer while it works

Step 5: Take Your Foam Board and Cut Out a 7x7 Inch Piece.

use the box cutter

Step 6: Trace the Base Landscape With a Pencil

lightly in case you have to erase

Step 7: Begin by Painting the Outside Area With Light Blue Paint

repeat till no brush strokes are left noticeable

Step 8: Using the Green Paint, Paint Inside the Traced Lines

repeat till no brush strokes are noticeable

Step 9: Take Your EMPTY Soda Bottle and Cut Off the Bottom to the Desired Height

try and keep it even!

Step 10: Sand the Entirety of the Bottle Very Slightly (helps the Paint Stick) and Begin to Paint From the Ridges Down in Yellow.

sand lightly

Step 11: Paint the Rigid Top of the Bottle Green.

Use enough coats so it is no longer transparent.

Step 12: Glue Everything Down

Glue the bottle (AKA the “hill”), to the back left corner of the green area

Hot glue the little hills/ objects you designed and 3D printed earlier in desired pattern. (Make sure they stay on the green part of the foam board though.)

Step 13: (optional)

Cut out 3 7x7 inch squares

Paint one side light blue (Repeat for all three boards.)

Take a fluffy paintbrush, add a small amount of white paint, and dab it in a cloud-like motion.

Glue sides on with the blue sky facing inward.

Step 14: Enjoy Your Brand New Mock-up Model of a Super Mario World Island!


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