Introduction: Super Mario Shine Fort - Silent Cat Movie

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A Star Fort is a style of fortification that came about after cannons demonstrated that those big castle walls, like parts of the Red October missile bay, do not take kindly to bullets. If you are looking to see one of these venerable bastions, I recently visited Fort Wane in Detroit, MI and, while it really needs to get some donations to fix it up, I thought it was a cool spot.

I digress. The subject of today’s efforts is not a Star Fort, but rather a Shine Fort! This fort could also be made larger for kids to play in it, but I don't have any kids right now and inviting the neighbor kids over to play in my fort seems like it could be misinterpreted. Besides, my cats are my kids! As such, I recently made this fort shaped like a Shine from Mario Sunshine for my cats using newspaper, tape, tempera paint, and love. They responded, as usual, with an attitude that can be best summed up as, “Sweet! What took you so long to make it? What’s for dinner? Look, a red dot!”

Soon I will put out some step by step instructions, but in the meantime, I present to you this silent movie of the cat’s merry adventures in the fort!

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