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Introduction: Super Mario, Toads House!

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Step 1: Cutting Out the Base

The base of your project is very important, this is what your project will be sitting on. Start by rolling out your clay. I used a rolling pin to roll out my clay (you do not have to use clay). Then use a cutting tool (of your choice) to cut out a 7in by 9in rectangle.

Step 2: Main Shape of Toads House

In this step you will be cutting out the cylinder for the house. Start out by rolling out your clay. Next cut out a 4in by 3in rectangle. Once you have that completed you will start to form the cylinder. You will now connect the two ends. Make sure that the 4 in side is on the bottom when you connect the two ends. Now attach the cylinder to the center of the base. The next part is optional. If you would like you can cut a hole for the door, I cut mine the middle of the cylinder.

Step 3: The Top Dome to Toads House

First roll out your clay. Next cut out a circle with a diameter of 4-5 in depending how much you want it to hang over the edge. Set that to the side. Next create a pinch pot. The rim of the pinch pot should be about the size of the circle we just made. After that is finished you want to cut a hole a little smaller than the cylinder. Now we can start attaching pieces. First attach the pinch pot to the circle. Then attach the pinch pot and circle to the cylinder, to create the dome.

Step 4: Adding Details to the House

Now you are done with the main shape of the house. Now to add details like windows and vines. To add effect to the vines take a needle and poke small holes into the vines. Once done with that time to add the spot for the dome. Cut out anywhere between 2 and 6 1in diameter circles for the dome. You can cut some circles in half.

Step 5: Adding the Front Path

Now you are done with the house. Take you cutting tool and make a path in front of the house. To add effect to the house take he end of a skinny marker and lightly press down with the non cap end of the marker and it will leave a imprint that looks like cobblestone.

Step 6: Adding the Trees, River and Camp Fire

For adding the trees make a cone shape for he leaves and branches. Make a small cylinder for the trunk. To add effect poke tiny holes in the tree with a needle. For a river take your cutting tool and dig slightly into the base but leave the shavings behind to add waves. On the other side of he river I added a campfire.

Step 7: After Kilning

After you have fired you project, you can start painting and glazing. You can paint the project what ever colors your heart desires. But for glazing make sure to have different brushes and water for the light and dark colors.

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