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This Super Mini Speaker has two ultra small full range drivers of 27mm each along with two 40mm passive radiators. The idea behind this project was to make a speaker for small or intimate gatherings. Very often I have noticed that whenever there is a good performing speaker around in party or gathering few people end up paying their complete attention to the music system and they zone out or just make everyone listen to how cool their music collection is. This is not a problem unless your a DJ and its a dance party but in other cases might lead to some unpleasant moments. So I decided to make a small speaker that can easily fill background of a medium sized room but doesn't demands unnecessary attention and at the same time looks cool.

I kept thickness of panels a bit more than what was required so that it can easily survive those party time falls. Also note the drivers that I have used are extremely small at 27mm each which is like less than 1/4th size of a normal size visiting card so you can even make much more smaller enclosures than what I have made here. I haven't add any amplifier inside the speaker as I always have small amplifiers with me so cables of both driver are coming out from back side. You can hook up this setup as one channel by using drivers in parallel or use them as double channel with appropriate amplifier. The output was a bit more than what I expected out of such small drivers with clear high and mid range that is enough to fill background with 7-8 people.

So let's begin!


27mm full range drivers - 2 pieces

40mm passive radiators - 2 pieces (30mm would be more suitable)

7mm MDF sheet (less thickness will also work well)

Cables for connection

Any 5 watt double or single channel amplifier (amplifier doesn't goes into speaker but is required to test and drive this speaker in general)

Carpenter's scale


Hot glue gun

Wood glue

Sandpaper 100 and 1000

Block plane

Trim Router

Power Drill With Hole Saw


Spray Paint Gloss Orange

Step 1: Cutting & Trimming Wood Panels.

First I prepared front, back, left , right panels and then top & bottom. After cutting I flush trimmed all the edges using trim router on my handmade router table(check my previous instructable on a super easy trim router table).

Dimensions below were measured after completion.

Width Length

Front & Back - 8.5cm 7cm

Left & Right - 7cm 7cm

Top & Bottom - 8.5cm 7cm

Step 2: Assembling.

First I glued left & right panels to front panel and also marked holes for driver and radiators. After that I glued back panel as well and drilled the required holes. In fourth and fifth image you can see how the enclosure will look after full assembly. I also drilled a small hole in back panel that will make way for cables. Before next step I also glued bottom panel.

Step 3: Adding Drivers and Radiators.

I started with radiators and glued them up with fevibond. In third image I have applied hot glue to radiators that seals them properly. Before adding drivers I engraved out some space in front panel using my router that will keep our protection grill in place . In sixth image drivers have been added using fevibond again.

Step 4: Rounding Edges and Sanding.

Now that our speaker is all glued up it was time to round out all the edges and give a thorough sanding to it. First I rounded out all the edges using a block plane and also flush trimmed some area around both radiators. After that I sanded complete enclosure first with 100 grit sandpaper and then 1000 grit for smooth surface(compare image one and two).

Step 5: Primer

After thorough sanding I applied 4 thin layers of white primer sanding in between of each layer to have smooth surface

Step 6: Paint.

After waiting for 12 hours I applied 3 layers of orange gloss spray paint for the final look and left it for drying overnight.

At last I added grill to front panel using super glue and the speaker now completely ready to be powered up.

See the video for sound test.

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