Introduction: Super Posable Steve

My son loves minecraft a LOT, and also loves his stickbots toys, some sort of posable toys that you can use to make little animations.

So I decided to make him a Super Posable Steve.

So you need to print all the files I attached, legs and arms twice and you can either color your Steve with paint or sharpies or print the PDF document in adhesive paper.

Step 1: Gather Your Prints

Once everything has been printed gather them and lets star cleaning and cutting.

Step 2: Piece It Together

Now that all of your pieces have been cleaned and cut you will also need a piece of elastic string, the holes in the print allowed me to just make a simple knot and the elastic string won't slip out.

Step 3: Almost There

This is a very simple project and very few steps are need it if you have a 3D printer, all you have to do is to string the pieces together use the caps to close them and paint them or use the PDF file to make him a nice skin.

The stl files are named and there are not many pieces to actually get confused.

Step 4: Enjoy

At the end you will have your very own posable Steve, my son loves it and decide to paint the sword with a silver marker.

Hope you like it!

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