Super Quick Clock Fixing Guide Part 1

Introduction: Super Quick Clock Fixing Guide Part 1

step 1
don't use WD40
I'm a clock and watch repairer and the moment I smell wd40 I curse the owner no matter how good there intentions are.
i like most reputable repirers have a big waiting list and the smell of wd40 keeps your clock at the bottom of the waiting list.

if it uses a battery and won't go check the hands aren't catching on any thing. change the battery if it's still not going fit a new movement, there only designed to work for 10 years then replace.

step two
chat to some one who repairs them as a job (not uncle bob who tinkers on Sunday with a old mg miget )
talk is cheap get advise from local expert

for example today I was asked to fix a 15 year old 31 day Korean strike its a waste of time and money if it's sentimental I'll retrofit a quarts pendulum movement
any good clock reparer will be honest.
it's a dieing trade (in the England any way) we don't need the hassle of a badly made clocks wasting our time.

if you can't find a clock repairer search for British horological institute they may be able to help Find some one in your country

step three
like I said it's a dieing trade do you think you could do it. the BHI are the only institute that I know of that offer distant learing courses think about it.

step four
is it wound check the key dose it fit, can you wind it.
identify the clock type is it a wall. mantle . strike . chime .400 day. westmister. longcase.
for example.

if it has a pendulum can you get it to tick, forget if it level in the wall, listen to it. is the tick tock even. adjust the clock to allow a even beat.

when was the last service if known.
if you can get it going how long until it stops.

step five
forgive me for not writing more. it's a massive subject subject and I'm always learning
this is a super quick guide if a old mechanical clock is broken
basicly find a expert get advice and the questions you may be asked.

just because you can fix most things, dosent mean fixing a clock is easy.
its my fulltime job and I have a 200 year old French mantle clock on my bench that won't strike at 2 o'clock it's driving me potty it's been there three months every day I try something new to no avail.
but I'm always learning I love it.

quick warning most books avalable are so overly complicated you need to be a expert to understand them.
I'll try to write more asap. but thank you for reading hope this helps if you think my English is bad whoop dee doo go fly a kite I don't care.

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    6 years ago

    Woooow ,You have a really nice handmade. clock Do you Know who's the créator ?


    Reply 6 years ago

    it's just a photo of a clock I servied on Friday it's a 1800's-ish Venetian clock the gut lines were over lapping
    there is a head peace of a eagle to go on top too there are plans avalable to build your own it . when it strikes the whole case with a resonates beautiful sound.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yhea , I know , I got almost the same . It's my great great grandfather that make it , I were really popular in france , his name is CANIVET. I will sent you a picture of mine this week ;)


    6 years ago

    so, instead of wd40, something like sewingmachine oil?


    Reply 6 years ago

    I use less then 3ml at a guess on a whole clock. wd40 is sticky and ruins my cleaning fluid. a really fine clock oil is sparsly used think about it in terms of water tention. the forces used in a clock are so small a droplet of water in the right place would stop the whole thing.