Introduction: Super Quick N Easy DIY Heart Earrings

Every day is a day of Love and Valentine's Day is the day when we celebrate Love. Although no gift in this world can truly express your love, feelings, and care, I believe that a handmade present gives a personalized touch that makes it even more special.

So, this Valentine's day, I tried my hands on making heart earrings for my date. These 3 steps DIY are quick and easy and requires no special skills. While the original one comes out to be really beautiful. This one that I re-tried for this Instructable did not come up to my expectations.

Maybe something is missing this time. Please comment if you could figure out :-)

Let's learn how it is done and I'm sure when you gonna try it for your someone special, it will be AWESOME !!

Step 1: We Will Need

1) A piece of cardboard

2) Double-sided tape

3) A pair of Scissors

4) A pen or a pencil

5) Red embroidery thread (2meters)

6) Fabric Glue

Step 2: The Heart

Draw 2 similar size hearts on the piece of cardboard. Once you have the cutout of the heart, place a small piece of double-sided tape on one side of the heart.

Step 3: Thread Wrapping

Using the reference from the picture above, wrap the thread around the cardboard heart. Once you are done, glue the end of the thread using fabric glue.

Step 4: Place the Hook

Place the earring hook and your heart earing is done. Similarly, do this for the second heart cutout.

Step 5:

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