Introduction: Super Quick Travel IPad Stand

I'm doing some European touring soon, so in case the hotels in my destinations don't have english tv channels, Im taking my iPad with some content downloaded. This little stand is super portable, but very sturdy to prop up the iPad for watching films etc.

And best of all, you can probably make it for free, as it uses scraps you no doubt have anyway!


Offcut of thin ply (I used 5mm)
Black acrylic craft paint
Scrap of non fraying fabric, e.g. vinyl or felt

Step 1: Print Out My Template

Start off by printing out this template, so that the piece is 13cm long.

I suggest cutting 2 pieces from this template out of strong cardboard, hinging them together with sticky tape, then testing the size on your iPad. You can then adjust the printout size as desired.

Step 2: Cut Out the Plywood

Transfer your design onto ply.

TIP! Make sure the angle highlighted on the template is 90 degrees.

I also suggest drilling circle (a) with a step bit to get a nice clean profile, then cut the rest of the lines to it.

By the way, as an experiment, I cut one with a scroll saw... super clean cut with no tear out, and for comparison cut out the other with a fine tooth handsaw.... this needed much more tidying up! So if you have a scrolls, use that!

Neaten the hole with a dremel if required, and sand all faces & edges.

Step 3: Paint!

If your ply is lovely looking Birch, you may want to clear coat it. But my ply was very ordinary so I just painted it black with craft acrylic.

Step 4: Hinges

Lay your pieces end to end so the base forms a perfect straight line (the marks on your cutting board are useful for lining up!) and cut a piece of fabric to form a hinge. Glue this in place... I used hot glue but there was a little overspill. If i made this again Id use PVA I think and clamp it till it set.

TIP: The hinge on the inside of the fold can sit flat, but the one on the outside needs enough slack to tuck into the rebate. Do this or your device wont fold up for travel.