Introduction: Super Secret Base

It's always important to have a secret base, especially in multi-player. Bases are nessecssary for hiding belongings and hiding from mobs and other players. In this instructable I will show you two ways to make your secret base EXTRA secret! (Even better than the Rebel's base on Hoth)

Step 1: Lava Pool Underground Base

There are two ways to create this base, creative mode and survival mode. The creative mode way involves a TNT launcher, in survival mode this would obviously lead to a fatal blow; So there is also a survival way to enter your base.

Step 2: TNT Launcher

Place four dispencers in a plus formation all facing inwards. Next place four more dispencers directly on top of the previous ones all facing inwards.

Place four wood blocks in the empty outer corners. Now put redstone around the square on the four wood blocks and on three out of the four upper dispencers.

On the fourth dispencer, without redstone, place one wood block and put a button on the side facing inwards. Fill all eight dispencers with TNT. Then fill the center of the TNT launcher with one bucket of water.

Note: You must crouch to place anything on a dispencer.

Step 3: Making the Lava Pool

To decide where to put your lava pool you must hop into your launcher, put your back into a corner of your launcher, and face the opposite corner so you're able to see the button. Your view should be similar to the first photo.

Now activate the TNT launcher by pessing the button. You will go flying into the air and wherever you land you will IMEDIATELY (don't walk anywhere) dig a 2x2 hole aproximately 15 blocks deep.

Step 4: Trap Doors..."IT'S a TRAP!!!"

Now three blocks below the surface dig two horizontal holes that are two blocks deep into the wall and dig two more holes two blocks deep under those so it makes a 2x2 box entrance. Do the same on the opposit wall.

If done correctly you should have a 2x2 hole, in the side of your wall that starts three blocks down, and same on the opposite wall. Hole-ly smokes!!!

Now, go into the 2x2 entrance and go all the way to the back and dig a block into the upper celing on the two back corners. You will face out now and put levers on the two remaining blocks located near the front.

Flip the levers "on" then move out of the entrance and place IRON trap doors on the opposite side of the levers that are on the blocks. Trap doors should be open already because of the levers. Do the exact same on the opposite wall's hole. Wall off the entrances to the holes.

Two blocks below the iron trap doors place two signs under each, it should look like the photo.

Step 5: The Magic-ish Stuff...

The fun part, the program calulates the opened trap doors and signs as full blocks. Water and lava cannot flow down but you can!

Place four buckets of water just above the signs. And place four buckets of lava just above the iron trap doors. The water and lava will act as if there is a block keeping them from flowing down. Up top at ground level it should look like a normal lava pool, but if you jump in from a good hight the velocity will jet you through the lava and the water will put the fire out. You usually you only lose half a life point.

The result is a cave consealed under lava and water, you can make your base in the space underneath.

To get out, just dig up to the surface and put ladder to go out. You can make a piston door out...or just place a piece of dirt when you leave. "Your move..."

If you're in suvival, grow a tree above the lava pool area and you can jump off the top of that.


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