Super Simple "BassCase" Sub-woofer Briefcase Idea

Introduction: Super Simple "BassCase" Sub-woofer Briefcase Idea

This is a very rough first try on my sub-woofer briefcase. its just a basis for when i try it with bigger and better materials. its a 10" Fisher sub-woofer, an old briefcase i found in my garage, and a gutted Klipsch 2.1 pro media sub-woofer (i found it in the trash) and replaced it into the case. it fit quite snug but i still need to make a port hole to make it work more efficient. clean it up and repaint it and i might have a good little sub. I'm going to post more pictures soon.

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    Zen Innovations
    Zen Innovations

    4 years ago

    A comprehensive DIY guide could have been nice.