Introduction: Super Simple Coconut Ice Cream Cake

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So a few weeks ago, my son was invited to a birthday party where I was told they would be serving ice cream cake. Since I always provide suitable and somewhat similar dairy free substitutions for him but had never, ever made an ice cream cake, I sent out a panic post to my fellow vegans. I cook a lot but as far as baking or making sweet things look pretty, it’s just not my thing. I don’t have the patience or the artistic talent or the patience to deal with my lack of artistic talent! I was given all kinds of advice and even tried an online recipe for an ice cream cake that had ice cream and baked cake and.. it was bloody horrible and way too labour intensive. Thankfully my fail -me -never friend sent me a text telling me how ice cream cakes are the BEST thing ever to make for birthdays, celebrations or for no reason at all and ….especially for artistically challenged people like myself (thanks friend). She said that she prefers making ice cream cakes to cupcakes and that she was sure that I would as well… Her directions sounded pretty simple. Buy some cookies, crush them, melt some ice cream and spread it in a pan. Freeze each layer as you go. Guess what? She was right. This is the best thing ever. My kids, hubby and even my mom all say that this is their favourite dessert ever and I think I would have to agree. Not only is it super easy but it looks really impressive, and everyone absolutely loves it.

Step 1: The Ingredients

I package of Newman's Own chocolate cream filled cookies (or any other Oreo like cookie of your choice).

3-4 tbsp (45-60 ml) coconut oil, melted

2 containers Coconut Bliss Vanilla ice cream

2 containers Coconut Bliss Chocolate ice cream

Can of coconut whip cream (or make your own)

Hershey's chocolate sauce

10-12 strawberries

Step 2: Make Your Cookie Crust!

Pour a whole package of Newman’s Own (or other vegan chocolate cream filled cookies) into the food processor and blend until you have a pile of crumbs. Add your melted coconut oil and quickly blend again.

Step 3: Press It Into Place!

Line the bottom of a 9 inch spring form pan with parchment paper. Leave out about 1/3 (or less) of a cup of the crumbs and pour the rest onto the parchment paper. Use a spatula to press the crumbs into place. Put the whole pan in the freezer for about half an hour. At the same time remove 1 container of Coconut Bliss chocolate ice cream from the freezer and leave it on your counter to soften. Yes, you could make your own ice cream but seriously, there is nothing tastier than Coconut Bliss, the Rolls Royce of ice creams (not vegan ice creams but all ice creams). I’m not paid to say this. If you haven’t tried it, you must!!!

Step 4: Start Layering With the Coconut Ice Cream

When about 30 minutes have passed and the ice cream is soft (not fully melted but like it is here in the photo), scoop it out and place the scoops over top of your cookie crumb layer.

Step 5: Spread It Around and Freeze!

Use a fork to flatten it, being careful to not disturb your cookie crust below. Once flattened and with no cookie crumbs visible, spread the ice cream around with a spatula until ‘flat’. When you are done, take a cloth and quickly wipe the inside of your pan above the ice cream to keep your cake looking ‘pretty’. Put the whole pan back in the freezer for about half an hour and at the same time remove one container of vanilla ice cream and allow it to soften on your countertop.

Step 6: Next Layer!

Remove the cake from the freezer and as before cover the previous layer of chocolate ice cream with scoops of vanilla. When the chocolate is no longer visible, press it down with a fork and again spread it around with a spatula. Again wipe the inside of your pan above the ice cream layers to keep your cake looking clean. Put the cake back in the freezer and remove one container of chocolate ice cream to melt.

Step 7: Add Some Crumbs!

After 30 minutes add your second and last chocolate ice cream layer. Add your reserved cookie crumbs (saving about 3 tbsp for the top of the cake) on top of the chocolate ice cream layer and put the whole pan back in the freezer and freeze for another 30 minutes. At the same time remove your last container of vanilla ice cream and allow it to soften on the counter.

Step 8: Another Layer!

Add your last layer of vanilla ice cream as you have done before and sprinkle your remaining cookie crumbs on top. Return the cake to the freezer and allow it to harden overnight or for a few hours. After an hour or so of being in the freezer, cover the pan loosely with foil to prevent freezer burn.

Step 9: We're Getting There!

When you are ready to serve the cake, remove it from the freezer and remove your springform pan sides. I leave the bottom of the pan in place and slice down carefully to the parchment paper to serve.

Step 10: Decorate With Coconut Whip Cream and Chocolate Sauce!

Place each slice on a plate and decorate with coconut whip cream and hershey’s chocolate sauce (yes, it's dairy free!)

Step 11: Add a Strawberry and Devour!

Add a sliced strawberry to garnish. Mmmm…Sooo good!!!

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