Introduction: Super Simple EMP Generator

First of all, what is EMP? EMP is Electromagnetic Pulse. But what can it do? With an EMP generator, you can disrupt nearby Electronics and sometimes even destroy them. I killed my calculator with this project actually. EMP is generated when a huge amount of power is forced into a coil, creating a powerful magnetic field in a short amount of time.This magnetic field will cause components like inductor or copper wire to create it's own power, which then in turns, fry the circuit board.

But is it possible to build something like this in your home?

Step 1: Gather the Items

You'll need only two things. Literally.

- A taser fly swatter

- Enameled Copper Wire

Step 2: Take Out the PCB

The fly swatter contains a circuit that convert a DC power into AC, then step up the voltage with a transformer, and then adding another Rectifying circuit to convert it back to DC. The rectifying circuit contains a decoupling capacitor which enable it to store high voltage charge and dump then quickly. This is what enable it to spark between mosquitoes to kill them.

Usually you can open it up and disassemble it with a cross head or flat head small screw driver.

Step 3: Test It Out First!

This is the most important part. Before we assemble our EMP generator into a container, let's see if everything works correctly. And it is important that you understand how it works.

Now use your copper wire and coil it up to about 20 to 30 turns with a pipe or anything cylindrical. In the video, I use a wire with protective rubber for my first try but any wire will work fine. Then connect your coil to the circuit's two output pin. But leave one of the connection with a little gap (known as spark gap). The two output pins are the one connected to the metal mesh of the fly swatter. This is the simplest form of EMP generator. It'll disrupt electronics like calculator, phone, tv when it comes near the electromagnetic field.

I next tried using enameled copper wire (the one in the image in which I wrapped with black electrical tape) which works too. I'll be using the enameled copper wire for my project as it save more space.

If you can't confirm, run two alligator wires out , switch your fly swatter on (use rubber glove or you'll get shocked by exposed circuit board!) and then put the two alligator wire as close together as possible. If it keep pulsing out a spark (check video), then it's the output pin. If it just arc across or doesn't have a spark at all then check again.

If this seem vague I highly suggest checking the video I've put together as it is more clearly demonstrated.

Step 4: Find a Casing/Container Around Your House

A casing is any container, it could be a plastic container, project box, or a cardboard box. In this case I use a poke-card box as a casing. It is just barely big enough for me to fit my circuit, coil and battery inside.

Step 5: Glue Everything Down

Once you've ensure that your EMP generator works, makes some cut out for your switch and LED,then hot glue your circuit, battery and your coil down, making sure you leave the spark gap inside the container.

Step 6: You're Done!

Now, you got a disguised pocket sized EMP gun that can be used to mess up other people's electronics! I've tried it on a lot of electronics from electronic dictionary to ipods, most survive but some do not.

5Volts do not condemn destroying or damaging other people's property using a homemade EMP device ^_^

For better understanding or better instructions on building the EMP Generator please check out the video. I made a lot of fun and awesome videos so do subscribe to my youtube channel and have fun!

Step 7: For Better Improvement

If you want a more powerful EMP generator, here are some tips:

-Add more turns to your coil

-Use an even powerful high voltage generator circuit