Introduction: Super Simple Handlebar Tassels From a Bike Inner Tube

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I work in a bike shop, and I hate having to throw out old tubes that can easily be reused into all sorts of things. I'm not very good at sewing or anything like that, so most of my old tubes get turned into bungee cords, ranger bands, or other simple things.

But now, I have found a way to make these very simple, no-frills bike handlebar tassels! (see what I did there?)

They add a nice accent to a cruiser-style bike. They look a lot like the leather tassels you see on some Harley's.

With these beauties, you will be cruisin' round town on your Schwinn pickin' up all the ladies.

Step 1: Obtain Materials

The materials for this project are very, very few. All you need are:

  • A bike tube. An old one of these can be picked up for free, if you ask around nicely. A 26" or 29" tube will probably work best.
  • Scissors. For cutting.
  • A bike. (Not pictured) For putting the tassels on. If you don't have a bike, you can always pimp up a broomstick or shovel.

Step 2: Start Cutting

You'll want to cut off a nice section of bike tube. Make sure that the part you cut from doesn't have any slices or tears in it. You should cut the tube about an inch longer than you want your tassels to be. The rest of the tube can be discarded or saved for another project.

Then begin cutting the tube as shown in the picture. It is hard to explain in words, but if you pretend that the tube is a rectangle, cut the tube into two "L" shapes that fit together. The bottom of the "L" should be about half an inch from the end of the tube. I found that it helps to use one of the seams on the tube to help you get a straight cut.

You should end up with two identical pieces of cut up rubber that are essentially thick rubber bands with a large cape coming off of it.

Step 3: More Cutting...

Now for the tedious part. Cut the "cape" of rubber into very thin strips. These strips are your tassels, so choose the thickness based on personal preference. I wanted a more "fettuccine" look, but if you are an "angel hair" person, then go right ahead.

Being right handed, I found it useful to work left to right so I could keep a good eye on the line that I was cutting.

Make sure to not cut all the way through, stop at the end so you still have a solid band of rubber.

Step 4: Attach to Bike

It should now look something like this. These are the finished tassels. Now it time to just add them to your bike....

Stretch the band of rubber over the ends of the handlebars like so, and you are all set!

Step 5: Profit $$$

Now that your bike has an infinite amount of awesome added to it, go out and be excellent!

And as you ride, sing this song of victory:

Pickin' up chicks left and right,

Pickin' up chick on my bike

Pickin' up chick up and down,

Pickin' up chicks all over town

*Beatbox solo*

Pickin' up chicks is no hassle,

If you got these little tassels

Pickin' up chick in and out,

Pickin' up chick all about