Introduction: Super Simple Lego Technic RC Quadcopter Frame

Hi, I share the simple instructions to create a frame for quadcopters, using the famous Lego technic.
The photo shows my setup:

  • brushed motors 8mm.
  • propellers 60mm.
  • Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control Board.

But you can install whatever you want.

P.S. The gray brick on the front side, is used to mount the camera "FPV".

Step 1: The Lego Frame

  • black axles lenght 4 (lego dimensions)
  • gray axles lenght 7

Assemble the frame as shown.

To complete the frame, in addition to the lego shown in the pictures, we need a heatshrink of suitable diameter, (in my case diameter 13mm), and a doublesided tape.

Step 2: Motor Mount

  • Cut 1 pieces of heatshrink (lenght 15mm).
  • Cut 1 pieces of doublesided tape (15x5mm).
  • Applying double-sided adhesive on the lego part, and attach the engine, as shown in the picture.
  • Finally block with heatshrink.

repeat for the remaining motors.

Step 3: Final Assembling

Assemble the four motor-mounts as shown, and after all the electronics.

That's all.
(Sorry for my bad English)

enjoy it.