Introduction: Super Simple Oil Diffuser (Out of a Can)

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In this guide, I will teach you a SUPER SIMPLE way to make an old metal can into an AWESOME candle-powered oil diffuser. We will cut out the top of the can to put in a candle, and use the bottom indented part as a hot plate. Let's learn a bit more about oil diffusers.

What is an oil diffuser?

An oil diffuser is an object that helps rooms and areas smell better. When you add few drops of essential oil to the hot plate, it makes the oil evaporate and rise into your room, making it smell better!

So let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

To make this project, you will only need some simple things you can easily find at home, or from a friend.

What You Need

• A Metal Can (Coke cans work well)

• A Tea Light Candle (Others may work depending on size)

• Essential Oils (Lavender works well + it's kid friendly)

• Matches or Lighter

• Piece of colored paper (Optional)

Step 2: What Tools You Need

The following tools can ALSO be found at home!

What Tools You Need

• Scissors

• X-Acto Knife or Cardboard Knife

• Paper Tape (Scotch Tape works well)

• Cutting Mat (Optional)

Step 3: Cut the Paper for the Can Covering (Optional)

If you would like to give your diffuser a little bit of your own touch, you can cover the can with paper. This step has a consequence though.

If you use paper, it could catch on fire, so always watch the diffuser while using it!!!

1. Take your sheet of colored paper and cut an 8 ½ × 4 ½ piece of paper to cover the can.

2. Wrap the piece of paper around the can and tape it in place.

Step 4: Take the Can Top Off

This is by far the MOST FUN part! Who doesn't like cutting the top off of a metal can? This step is so you can put your tea light candle inside. Actually, this can be hard. Be sure to follow the following steps well:

1. Put the blade of your knife in the indent on the sides of the can, where the cuts are shown in the photo.

2. Push the blade really hard until it goes through the metal. Keep doing this until the top is completely off, as shown in the photo above.

3. Sand the edges of the can so no one gets cut! (Optional)

Step 5: Clean the Can

There is probably some old drink left in the can, or some metal shards from the last step. Let's take off the paper cover and wash out the inside. Be sure to dry it as well!

Step 6: Create Oxygen Holes

Let's have a science lesson! Fire needs oxygen to be able to burn, so we need oxygen holes for the candle inside. This is a simple process.

Like you did in step 4, we will be using the same knife-pushing process. Jab 8 holes into the bottom of the can, as shown in the picture above. The bottom should not come off.

Repeat the same for the open-side of the can to allow air to flow smoothly.

Step 7: Light the Candle + Start the Diffuser

You are basically done with the diffuser! Great Job! Let's get the hot bowl (bottom on can) all heated up!

1. Light the candle with a match or two

2. Place the cut-open side of the can on top of the candle. It should heat up! If the candle went out, make sure that your oxygen holes are big enough for more air to travel through.

Wait about 20-30 seconds until continuing with the next steps:

3. Open your essential oil bottle and pour a few drops on to the hot plate. After a few seconds, it should sizzle and steam should come out.

If you would like a more "steamy" effect, mix the oils with a few drops of water before adding to the hot plate.


Step 8: Complete!

You are finally done! Give yourself a big pat on the back, and a better smelling house! Be sure to share your project and say "I DID IT!" I hope I made an awesome addition to your Maker Shack, House, Garage, or whatever! I hoped you liked the guide

Here are a few things to remember when using this diffuser:

1. Always have an eye on the diffuser! It could catch fire.

2. Never leave the diffuser on too long without oils

3. After using the diffuser, use caution (or an oven mitt) while taking the can off of the candle.

4. Don't use the diffuser anywhere where you wouldn't put a candle.

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