Super Simple and Fun Paper Rocket

Introduction: Super Simple and Fun Paper Rocket

A4 size paper
Rubber band(s)

Step 1: FOLD 1

Fold and unfold the paper vertically to make crease

Step 2: FOLD 2

Make triangular folds by folding from the corners

Step 3: FOLD 3

Make a FOLD such that it acts as an angle director to the previous folds

Step 4: FOLD 4

Again make an angle director valley FOLD on the previous folds

Step 5: FOLD 5

Valley FOLD from the middle create so that both the sides overlap each other

Step 6: CUT

Mark a point exactly 10.5 cm away from the tip then make a 1-1.5 cm cut using a scissors holding both sides roughly at an angle of 45 degrees

Step 7: FOLD 6

FOLD the lower flap onwards such that it just touches the middle crease

Step 8: FOLD 7

Valley FOLD from the middle then competes press the model to make it flat


Take rubber band(s) if large use one if small the make it big by connecting them

Step 10: TAKE OFF

Using laws of projectile launch the rocket and have fun

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