Super Sized Pumpkins




Introduction: Super Sized Pumpkins

We've grown a fair few things on out allotment over the past few years but nothing quite as big as these!

This is how we did it.

Step 1: Have Suitable Land and Helpers

We had to make some space in the allotment as we knew that pumpkins can cover a lot of ground.

After searching around, we found 2 willing volunteers to help with the project.

Step 2: Pot Up the Seeds

Not all of the pots shown are pumpkins, but a variety of veggies that we grow.

I carefully label each pot, with the name and the date so I know what should be growing and when.

These are kept indoors before being transferred to the greenhouse and then out to the plot.

Meanwhile, we prepare the ground with plenty of well rotten manure.

Always handy to have a helper to get the manure off the trailer.

Step 3: Planting Out

When the seeds have germinated and are growing well it may be time to transfer them to the ground if the last frost has past.

Pumpkins can be sown directly into the ground in late May to early June.

They need to be fairly well spread out as they can grow to be quite large. (As we found out) Anything from 1m to 3m apart.

They like to be well watered, although they do have long roots to find their own water, it's best early on to keep them hydrated.

We used lots of manure to to enrichen the soil.

As you can see, they start off quite small, and then take over and trail across the plot.

Step 4: Harvest Time

Leave the pumpkins for as long as possible to harden.

You may need to raise them off the ground as they can rot if left to sit on wet soil.

Pumpkins can be used for Halloween decorations, soup, pie, or giving your helpers somewhere to sit.

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    6 years ago

    HELP! My pumpkin plants aren't making pumkins. I tried self pollinating the pumpkin blossoms and did lots of reaserch so I would do it right. Each time was a failed result. The last time I did this I took the male blossom stigma all around the female flower middle part. I even made sure the pollen was mature. Next I put the male stigma in the female flower and taped it shut. What did I do wrong? Anything would help. Thanks!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks good. Where can I get seeds for such variety ?



    7 years ago on Introduction

    Marvelous. . . . excellent. kids. . am too late but i have to please this kids to become model of other kids. . thank very much keep up the good work.


    7 years ago

    Oh boy! I am so envious! I dont think i can use this instructable anymore this year .... Tooo late. But i am so tempted. Could you not just post me one?lol!