Super Slim Bi-Fold Wallet (Carbon Fiber)




Introduction: Super Slim Bi-Fold Wallet (Carbon Fiber)

Super Slim!

This simple bi-fold wallet design is based on the design of a leather wallet I loved for years. After a tape-extended life and much searching (for a new one) I decided to DIM (do it myself).

I had access to some Woven Carbon Fiber which makes for a nice look, but you can use whatever you want! 

My old (Very slim) Leather wallet was 0.18" thick (Empty) 0.50" thick (Full)

This new wallet I made is only  0.10" thick (Empty) 0.34" (Full)! 

Step 1: What You'll Need

Needle and Thread
Packing Tape
Black Masking Tape
Plastic Bags (Heavy Duty, sometimes called 'Coin Bags')

Sewing Machine
Optical Tape (Instead of masking tape, flatter black)
adhesive backed thin rubber sheet
X-acto Knife

Carbon Fiber (instead of fabric)

Step 2: Patterns

I constructed this wallet with 5 pieces of material and some thread and tape. 

The 5 pieces are defined as:
2 Fabric Pieces - (identical) Whatever color/fabric you want to be showing on the outside of the wallet (I used carbon fiber)
2 Pocket Pieces - (one left, one right) On the inside, used to make the 4 inner pockets (NOTE: you can modify this to make more pockets) 
1 Border - "Picture Frame" like piece of plastic (Recommend Adhesive back for this one) used to hold it all together

See the attached pictures for the dimensions of the  '3' types of pieces. 
Also, attached are PDFs of scale drawings. You can print them out and use them as templates (This is the easiest)

NOTE: If you're using carbon fiber, it really helps to tape out the inside 4"x2.75" rectangle before you cut it. That way the tape will hold the fibers together as you cut, so it doesn't start to fall apart on you. 

Step 3: Assembly

1. Place the Fabric rectangles in the "Window Panes" of the Border part (See attached pictures)

2. Sew the center section (See Image 1)

3. Fold and place the Pockets on the inside of the wallet. 

4. Fold the tabs of the Border piece around all the parts (This is where it is helpful if the boarder piece is adhesive backed, or just use tape to hold it in place)

5. Sew around the entire perimeter of the wallet, about 1/8" from the edge

Almost done!

Step 4: Tape Off the Edges

Add Black Masking tape (or Optical tape) to all the edges to cover the stitches and make it look nice!

You may also want to use packing tape on the outer fabric so that it doesn't get dirty, optional. 

Now you're Done!

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