Introduction: Super Spooky Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King Make-up

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Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. Here's my Spooky Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King Make-up. If you are a fan of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas than this is the video for you. I tried to create the movies Jack Skellington and I was very happy with my end results. If you like this video please like and subscribe!

Make-up used

Wolfe face and body paint in white

Eye-shadow in black

Face-painting sponge

Halloween spirit store: Jack's gloves

Music: Teknoaxe

Step 1: Pre-

-I used Elmer's stick glue and power to mat down my eyebrows.

- I painted a circle for Jack's head using Wolfe face and body paint in white on my face.

Step 2: Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

I used Wolfe black for Jacks eyes, nose, and mouth.

-Eyes: I made a teardrop shape around my whole eye, with the point end on my nose and I will fill it in later.

-nose: two lines on the bridge of my nose.

-mouth: a nice smiley line across Jacks face and line going down the smile line. ;)

Step 3: Filling In

-I used Wolfe face and body paint in white to fill in Jack's face.

-And Wolfe's black to fill in his eyes.

Step 4: Neck

I painted Jack's neck on my chin and filled it in.

Step 5: Bat Bow-tie

I used that same black for the bow-tie.

Step 6: Bat Bow-tie and Lapel

-Lapel: I used white for inside the lapel and painted alternating white and black lines for the lapel.

-Bat bow-tie: I also alternated black and white wavy lines for the bat wings place of the bow-tie.

Step 7: Fill in Background

I used the same Wolfe black to fill in all around my head, face, and neck.

Step 8: Suit and More Filling In

-Trace the lapel with white.

-For Jack's awesome suit alternate white and black lines.

-For the arms make horizontal lines.

-For the chest make vertical lines.

-and fill in the background, like parts of neck and arms not part of the suit or tie.

Step 9: Shading and Shadowing

I used black eye shadow to shade and shadow the eyebrows, nose, and under eyes.

Step 10: Mouth

I didn't like having just the line for Jack's mouth. So I used Wolfe black and painted his mouth open to give him a spooky and creepy smile.

Step 11: Brow Bone

For a scarier look I added brow bones that extended out.

Step 12: All Done

I had gloves from the Halloween store that completed Jack's Super Spooky look.

I hope you enjoy.

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