Introduction: Super Spy Phone!

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Have you ever wanted to pull off that super sneaky Ocean 11 or James bond  perfect info trade off?  Now with the 21's century technology on our side, we can pull a trade off better and more secretive than those movies. all you need is some tools, paper, pencil, tech skill, and some sneaky spy skills!

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

The tools you'll need are very basic and you probably have them in your home.
You need:
-an iphone (or cell phone you could open up)
-a phillips 00 skrew driver (sometimes labled PH00)
- a suction cup 
-a index card (or post-it notes)
-Scotch tape
-Optional: a flat head skrew driver or a plastic pry tool
-Optional: a skrew layout
-Paper clip

Step 2: Pre Open Check List

To make sure your device is safe while opening it, make sure the device is fully shut off, or if you have easy access to the battery I suggest removing it but for right now I am using an iphone 3G so I just need to ensure the device is shut off.
The steps are:
-Shut off the device
-Remove  the SIM card by using a paper clip and inserting it into the small hole in the top of the device, and pull it our as shown in the photo.
-Now remove the two skrews with the PH00 skrew driver that are at the bottom of the device as shown.

Step 3: Getting Inside the Device LITERALLY!

Now this is the part where we open the phone. Put the suction cup just slightly above the home button as shown. Place your hand around the device and your thumb a half of an inch in the air above the home button so when you pry the screen upward, no ribbon cables are disconnected. 
   keep on holding the phone and lift the screen upward and in a wiggleing motion until the screen separates from the bottom of the bezle about a quarter inch as shown as an image below.

Step 4: Remove the Cables

Now use a flat head screw driver or a plastic pry tool or spudger to remove the first ribbon cable labled "1" WHILE keeping the screen and the casing at a 45 degree angle.
  Then you open the screen up more to a 90 degree angle. then next to where the 1'st ribbon cable is the cable labled "2" and remove that cable. Now to remove cable three go to the next step.

Step 5: REMOVING 3!

Using a paper clip or a flat head skrew driver flip up the small black tab below the white socket up or, it may be a white tab and a black socket. So the steps are:
- flip flap up
- pull the 3 ribbon cable out gently away from the device.

Step 6: Insert Info

Now draw your code or info onto the card / post-it and if you are using a index card add a small piece of tape on the end and place onto the metallic shield for the logic board as shown.

Step 7: Re-assemble

Now reverse the steps of dissasembling the phone to re assemble it. to put number 3 back just wiggle it back into it's socket and flip the flap down. then reassemble the cables 2 then 1 and put the top of the screen at the top of the bezel and push down below the home button to have a clean finish. last steps are putting the screws and SIM card in your done. Now you are a secret sneaky spy!

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