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Introduction: Coroplast Wall Storage for Tools and Toys

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I'm always trying to make my shop more orderly so today I made some storage cubbies for my power tools. They are quick, easy, cheap, and strong. I tested one out and was able to hang off it as seen in the picture, I'm just shy of 160 lbs so these things are pretty tough.

The materials needed for this project are:

  1. Coroplast, I used a 2'X2' sheet but it could be adapted to many sizes.
  2. Bolts, I have several boxes of miscellaneous bolts. If you don't have this luxury it should cost a couple of bucks.


  1. Marker
  2. Straightedge/T-square
  3. Drill and drill bits
  4. A wooden cooking spatula
  5. Scissors

Step 1: Draw, Cut, and Crease

The one weird trick to working with coroplast, use a wooden spatula. I've tried many different tools but these seem to work the best for creasing since the long handle allows you to put your weight into it.

  1. Draw the pattern out. I decided I wanted a 12''x6'' cubby with 6'' walls since that would effectively use the piece of coroplast I had. The orange lines will be cut and the purple ones will be folded.
  2. Prepare the purple lines for folding by creasing them with a wooden spoon. When creasing perpendicular to the corrugations it may be easier to heat it up with a hair dryer to soften the plastic.
  3. Cut out the orange lines
  4. Fold each purple line over and make sure it is creased enough.

Step 2: Bolting It Together

  1. Fold the coroplast and put a piece of duct tape to hold it in place.
  2. Drill a hole large enough for your bolts to fit through
  3. Once a side is completed it can be bolted directly to an adjacent unit.
  4. Repeat for as many boxes/divder you need. I made three since it neatly fit onto a wall in my shop.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

These finishing touches really helped keep my space clean!

  1. Pre drill the holes with a bit smaller than your screws. This will make it easier to install the screws and prevent the wood from splitting.
  2. Make sure you put some washers on them to help distribute the stress on the plastic then drill in the screws.
  3. Install a surge protector underneath the storage unit. This will give me a nice charging dock for my drill and a place to run my other power tools from.
  4. Drill out a hole for the power cords and plug in your devices
  5. Put your tools away to have a organized and productive workplace!

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1 year ago

I've seen a similar how to vid where they used hairpins to secure the corners. They slide into the the lengthwise channels perfectly. That doesnt work going 'against the grain' though.


Reply 2 years ago

Thats a great idea! I was wondering what those were called, I've seen them before but never bought them. The nuts and bolts were just what I had on hand.


8 years ago on Introduction

I find that gaffers tape helps to ease the sharp edges.


Whoa! Handing from your shelf was a great selling point, and it makes me comfortable with the idea of hanging things in those shelves. It seems to be like you could produce a great many things with this material.


8 years ago

Should consider cutting it so the front panel is white. Then you could label them if you wanted.


8 years ago

Finally! Something I can do with all the endless political campaign signs trashing my neighborhood! Thank you!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I was going to say the same thing! This is an excellent reuse idea.