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In this instructable I'll show you how to quickly convert an old, maybe worn out, or wrong sized T-shirt into a super versatile bag! This T-shirt bag is great for carrying laundry, serving as a gym bag, being a temporary pillow case on trips, and many many more dandy things!!

Read on to make your super T-shirt bag, and discover the possibilities that it holds for you.

This bag is Great for:

Carrying laundry
Gym bag
Temporary Pillow case
All around carry things kinda bag
Travel bag

You can also sew on additional shoulder straps on the bag if you intend on carrying it for prolonged amounts of time. Maybe find an old backpack and use the shoulder straps from it.

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Step 1: Basic Tools and Materials.

To construct this T-shirt bag, it is recommended that you have:

1. One old t-shirt, or t-shirt of your choice
2. A sewing machine, or be hardcore and sew it by hand
3. Some para cord, or other strong rope like material of your choice
4. Scissors
5. Something to keep the string untangled, I used a LEGO

Step 2: Sew It Up.

Grab your t-shirt and turn it inside out. Get everything where it would be if it were being worn correctly.

Sew up the arms about 1/2 inch on the outside of the seam where they are sewn to the body of the shirt.

Sew up the neck about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the shirts collar.

Before turning the shirt inside out, cut off excess sleeve material and throw aside for something else.

Now, last part before turning the shirt right side out. Take the bottom hem of the shirt and fold it up about 1 inch all the way around. You're going to sew this hem to the shirt all the way around the bottom of the shirt leaving a 1 inch gap to insert the drawstring into later.

When you turn the shirt right side out, it should look like it was made for Cousin It from the Adams Family. You won't see the neck or arms. In essence, if it looks like it's made for a potato, you're on the right track.

Step 3: Adding the Drawstring.

After you've turned the sewn up shirt right side out again, go back to the bottom hem that you've just sewn up all the way around. Get your scissors and cut a small slit somewhere on that hem, big enough to fit your rope or string through. I did mine on the back of the shirt, or the side where the design is not present.

After cutting your small slit, get your rope, string, or para cord, and hook a safety pen through it. Use this safety pen to guide the string through the hem you've sewn up all the way around. Push it forward, then slide the shirt past it. Repeat this until the string is all the way through.

To keep the string from tangling or knotting itself up too badly, I took a 2x4 LEGO brick and made two holes in it. I used the two holes on the back, on either side of the middle for my guides. I then slide the strings through either of these holes to keep them in place, and tied the strings together at the end to keep the LEGO from coming off.

Step 4: Great Practical Uses for Your New Bag.

You should now be done with your T-shirt bag. If your not, Well, Get back to the step you left off on!!

Ok, here are some great uses for this Versatile Bag.

1. Laundry bag: It holds an average amount of clothes, and holds them pretty well. The bag closes up well and allows you to carry it by the drawstring.

2. Gym bag: It holds anything clothes or extra shoes you may want to bring to the gym with you, and closes up well. What space isn't used in the bag doesn't take up space in your locker.

3. Temporary Pillow Case: Ever go on a trip and stay at a hotel where your unsure about what's been on your pillowcase? Stuff the pillow into the bag and close the drawstring. Then push the drawstring into the case to keep it out of your way while sleeping.

4. Everyday carry along bag: Use it for just plain carrying things around with you as a primary, or secondary backpack or purse.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this Instructable. And PLEASE VOTE IF YOU LIKE IT!!

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