Introduction: Super-easy Mouse Cover for Dirty Hands

All we have sometimes need quick surfing while cooking or doing something else with bare hands. so many product can be found for covering keyboards, there are ways to keep mouse clean as well:

- stop what you doing, wash your hands, dry your hands, then use mouse

- finish work, then clean mouse immediately (waiting makes dirt hard to clean -I test it)

- cover mouse with proper materials

here is a easy way for third option:

this can only be made while unboxing your new mouse (you can also make it after days of buying if you keep original blister like me < storing some "rubbish" you know sometimes invaluable >)

or (that is not described here)

anytime you want (even for your old mouse ) if you have a vaccum forming tool, described by many friends (see:

Step 1: Choose One

if you do not need a special type of mouse, choose an good one that sold in vacuum forming blister .

other tools needed:

scissors (or a xacto knife and cutting board)

Step 2: Cutting

some of packages are perforated for easy opening, if not , open package from its backside with a scissor or knife.

on front side cut out mouse shaped form following its base on surface ( you can use xacto knife on a cutting board or simply with scissor )

do not forget , you have't got a second chance , please follow bendline carefully

Step 3: Voila !

then basically cover the mouse with that shape, it is naturally fits perfectly on it.

it still clickable because material not so hard and thick.

you can easly wash that when getting dirty itself !

option: you can also cut out place for scroll wheel for scrolling , I prefer not. I think scroll is the best place to keep dirt on it (remember, champion of keeping dirt is "two tiny wheels of mouse ball" in old times ball mouses ) ,

My hands will remember alternative way, is clicking on sidebar of browser

thank you very much for vieving my first project

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