Introduction: Super Easy to Make Portable Speakers for Mp3/ipod

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I didn't want to fork out loads of money on portable speakers.
So I didn't
And made some.
These are powered by a battery.
They are incredibly easy to make I'm 14 I did it!
As ever I am not responsible if it doesn't work or goes wrong.
Try it at your own risk.

This is easy because the speakers already have and amplifier and controls built in. They are very loud and very clear.
These cost me about £2 (50p for the speakers and £1.50 for the battery) I had a spare connector lying around.

What you need

Some computer speakers powered by the main. ( I found mine at a car boot sale for 50p!!!!!!!!!!!)
Electrical insulation tape or you could solder
A 9volt battery
A 9volt battery connector.
What ever casing/box you want to put it in.

Step 1: Getting Started

Remove all the casing from around the computer speakers Do not cut any cables.
Find the pack that converts the voltage from mains (240) to 12 or whatever the circuit runs at.
cut the cable running between the pack and the circuit board.

Step 2: Adding the Battery Connector

Where the cables came off the converter simply connect them onto the battery connector. Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative. You could solder but I just wrapped them around and then put he tape over the top.

The yellow wire with the black tape on is not in use

Step 3: How Easy Was That

Add the battery on turn it on and plug in your mp3 player.

And create whatever case you want for it.
Mine is yet to have a case because I'm not sure if I want to connect all 4 speakers. Because then it wouldn't be too portable.


Any queries get in touch I will try to assist.

Any suggestion get in touch

Good luck

With 2 tweeters and 2 woofers it can be very loud!! : )