Introduction: Super Healthy Lunches: Avacado and And Pork Quesadias

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A great way to use up your left overs! Use them all in this great, low fat easy summer lunch idea. Portable and tasty!

Avacado and Sliced Pork Quesadillas recipe:

Firstly collect your ingredients;

  • 2 tortilla wraps (Paleo are available)
  • Half an avocadoQuarter of a carrot (shredded)
  • Half of a red onion1
  • Thick slice of pork or 4 thin slices of ham.
  • 1 cup of mixed peppers
  • Quarter of a cup of shredded cheese (for the non-paleo option)
  • Optional; Chilli Chicken, Sausage

Once you've collected your ingredients you'll just need to assemble it...

Step 1: Fill Fill Fill!

Fill 'er up:

Depending on your individual diets the recipe can change accordingly (see alternative recipes) these wraps can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, including as many obedience as you want..

At this time I'm in love with avocados so of course I included them and I honestly think it'd be rubbish with o out the avocado.

So, onto the recipe and assembly
The idea is to layer up your wrap; spread a thin layer of your avocado onto the Base wrap (leave a 1cm edge to your wrap) Use a slightly smaller one (wrap) if you can as the base.

This is where I put chilli on the avocado, then topped with red onion and grated carrot, then top with grilled peppers and gorgeous sliced Ham.

Step 2: Seal It All In!

Sprinkle your cheese around the edge of the wrap so when it cooks it will seal itself locking in all the goodness.

Heat up your pan, dry.

Slide your Base layer into the pan and top with your second wrap.

Put it on a on a high heat and cook on that side for two minutes.

After two minutes place a larger plate onto of the wraps and flip it over. To do this I placed a thick but light plastic plate onto the top tortilla, flipped the pan over whilst holding the plate, popped it on the work surface and flipped again.

Place it back in the pan and press the edges down (Using a spatula or bowl - to keep all the filling in) so the cheese melts and the quesadilla is encased.

Step 3: EAT All That Goodness!

After cooking leave for 2 minutes to cool slightly.

Serve warm with a side salad and salsa and of course, enjoy it! They're quick easy and less fat and carbohydrate than a sandwich, perfect for that summer body! :)

For the Filling |Serves 2 |197 calories Per Serving

2 tortilla wraps (Paleo are available) |Half of a red onion

1 cup of mixed peppers |1 cup of mixed peppers

Half an avocado |Quarter of A cup of shredded cheese ( non-paleo option)

Quarter of a carrot (shredded) |1 Thick slice of pork or 4 thin slices of ham.

Great with a side salad ~ Salsa ~ Vegetable Crisps ~ Stuffed with Shredded pork~ Spiced Chicken ~

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(Origional own link here; Avocado and Pork Quesadillas )

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