Super Hero Graveyard Tombstones




Introduction: Super Hero Graveyard Tombstones

This are yard grave stones. I am using them as decorations for my lawn during this years Halloween. (October 2014)

Step 1: Supplies

First you will need to gather supplies to make the graveyard tombstones.

You will need the following.


-poster board

-spray paint various colors

-pencil pen marker


-polyurethane w/ brush

-saw, skill saw, something to cut wood

-letter stencils to paint names on boards (Wal-Mart $3.99)

Step 2: Cut Wood

I would suggest to get a piece of pre sanded ply wood from Home depot, Lowe's, Menards.

This should cost around $20 for the 4 x 8 sheet.

If you do NOT have a saw at home. Ask an associate at Home Depot they will cut the ply wood down to size for you as long as your polite.

Either wise when you get home measure and cut. Mine were 18"inches by 40" inches.

If your better at wood working than me. Feel free to curve the tops, or do any shape/effets you can create.

Now that you have the boards cut time to draw.

Step 3: Sketch Out Symbols

If your not artistically incline you can get someone to draw it for you on the poster board.

Either wise I recommend printing out the symbols then tracing them onto the poster board.

Once you have the symbols of the hero's or villains you want cut them out.

The point is to use it as a stencil to place on board then spray paint around it so all that's left is symbol.

Step 4: Paint Boards

After you have the boards cut, and the stencils ready. Now its time to lay a base coat of the graveyard tombstones.

I used black, feel free to use gray, white, or whatever color coordinates with the symbol of the hero.

(for flash I used red, punisher I used green)

spray paint base coat do two layers to make sure its solid and color of wood doesn't bleed through.

Once base coat is dry place stencil on wood and paint the symbol. I recommend to paint two or three coats. (feel paint has risen from base coat)

Place letter stencil on board and paint so spells name and RIP. ( as in picture above)

Step 5: Touch Ups and Polyurethane

Before you apply any polyurethane to the boards. Make any necessary touch ups or tweaks.

The letter stencils I got from Wal-Mart were very thin and some of the spray paint bleed through.

So I ended up taking a thin paint brush and some black acrylic paint and making touch ups. It really helped make the letters POP!

Once your happy with the board. Time to apply the polyurethane. (be careful not to get it on shoes) Apply one or two coats. This will make it shine and preserve the paint job.

Should protect it through, the rain, snow, pine cones, or whatever nature has for us this year.

Step 6: Final Product!

The last step is to attach support so they are self sustaining. I purchased 4 posts used for decks. ( found at home depot in fence section $00.94 a piece)

At first I sawed one post in half and attached it. It turned out to be too long and not as stable.

So took 4 inches off and they are much more stable as short supports one on each side. Used a drill and screwed to attach it.

This is what the final product looks like. I'm pretty proud of them, ganna have the most badass Halloween decorations on the block thats for sure.





( I junked the punisher one because all the others were DC and the 1 Marvel just didnt feel right to me)

Nothing says Halloween like all the super hero's from DC DEAD....! LOL



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    Phoenix Flare
    Phoenix Flare

    7 years ago

    Cute! Also very creative! You would have a great looking lawn!

    The Punisher one is perfect! Very cool idea for people who love anything comic, especially Marvel. Ya know, because that would mean that DC is dead?

    Okay, bad pun I know but I love this just the same! Thank you for sharing!


    Reply 7 years ago

    haha very good point. I appreciate the comment..8-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love it, brilliant concept. Beats the heck out of the dead corpses, and dreary tombstones. Thanks for sharing