Introduction: Super Loud Portable Bluetooth Amplifier 50w×2 Inspired by Diy Pirks

Hi everyone . This is my first instructable so if I am doing something not right. Please feel free to tell me. This project was inspired by Diy Perks I saw his project on youtube and I build mine and add some modification. lets starts

Step 1: Preparation

In this project I use.

1. 50W x 2 bluetooth amplifier module. works with 8-25volt

2. 2 binding posts

3. Box


5. Volt meter (to determind the battery)

6. 4 of 18650 Li-on 2200mah (salvaged from labtop batteries)


8. soldering iron/wire glue

10. tools to cut/drill/sanding

11. PCB stand off (or spacer . i am not sure how they called it)

Step 2: Drilling

Drill the hole for the binding posts.

, wires , switch and the volt meter.

Step 3: Paint Job (optional)

so. after I drilled all the holes. I decided to do a paint job by water transfering carbon kevlar style.

1. sanding

2. paint it with black colour. why? Even it is already black but water transfering film attached to the painting better than the plastic.

3. Do the transfering . Sorry that I didnt have pictures in this step. I am doing this alone so it difficult to take photo while doing the water transfering.

4.wait until dry and apply lacqure for shiny finished.


Step 4: Put Everything Inside

1. I decided to add the 12v input. So I can use the amp with adapter direcly when my batteries run out.


2.mount the binding posts

3.mount the switch and volt meter

4. connect the wire from Positive 12v input to the switch.

5. Insert the wires from the back side and solder to the same spot of 12v input with the switch ( I will connect these wires to the 18650 batteries.)

6.connect the positive wire of the volt meter to the other side of the switch (not the same spot with 12v input.)

7. connect all the ground(negative) wires to the negative point of the 12v input.

Step 5: More

1.put the spacers to PCB

2.mount the pcb to the box.

3.solder the speakers out to the binding post.

4. solder the positive from the amplifier to the other side of switch.( yes. not the same spot with 12v input)

5. Done!!!!

Step 6: More

1. I connected all 18650 in series which can gives 12-16v

2.connect the back side wires to the battery holder. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CONNECT IT TO THE RIGHT SIDE 1 )+ -

3.Attach the battery holder to the box with 3M 2sided mounting tape.

Step 7: Done!!


The results is so great. I love it. The sound is super good and loud. I think the battery can last for more than 5 hours with normal volume (my normal is a bit loud lol)

ps. I have to charge the battery seperatly . since i didnt put any protection board to it , and for the best to battery do not let the voltage below 12v.

thanks for watching.

Sorry for my english skill.

Please feel free to ask any question.