Introduction: Super Simple Cheap Water Saver in 10 Seconds

Did you know that only by closing the tap when brushing your teeth you can save up to 10 liters of water?

If you make a rough estimation, when you wash or shave your face you, the number of wasted liters in a month might surprise you.

If we think about of how much water we waste on one month, we could be a bit more aware of the amount of energy and money involved in the process to have water each time it reaches our homes.

I would like to show you a little trick:
A perfect solution for lazy or forgetful people to take a little care of our ecosystem.

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

1 Rubber band
1 Single lever tap
1 Hand :D

Step 2: How To

Put the rubber band holding the lever and the tap as you can see in the picture.
If the rubber band is too long, you can roll twice over the lever to have more return pressure.

Now you have a great automatic water saver for almost free.

Enjoy it ;)

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