Introduction: How to Make a Super Simple Phone/tablet Stand

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You are tired of watching a movie but have to hold it with your hand? Your hand get tired when hold your phone/tablet to play game when you laying down? Want to make yourself a super simple phone/tablet stand? I will show you how to make a very good one.

Step 1: Original Story

My mom usually watch video on Youtube with her tablet. She loves to watch video of cooking channel, it mean she have to hold the tablet and writing at the same time. I saw her struggle to place the tablet at a good angle (the tablet has curve at the edge). I bought her a leather cover but it can't stick anymore after a month of work. Then I think I will make a tablet stand for her.

Step 2: Preparing

This tablet stand is super simple, you only need

Tools required:

  • A knife
  • A hand saw blade (I only need the blade)
  • A metal file
  • A plier (Optional)

Time taken: 10 mins

Grab a safety goggle and put it on to protect your eye from dust.

Step 3: Processing

  1. First, use the saw blade to cut into the pipe. The depth is just enough to fit the blade (~1.2mm)
  2. Cut the second one. The distance between them is just enough to fit the metal file ( ~1.5cm). This gap is depended on your device.
  3. Then cut the Z shape to remove the excess part (Use the knife to take it out and and use the saw to cut it.
  4. Make another hole with bigger gap (~2cm) in the other end.
  5. After that we have a pipe with "raw cut". Use the metal file and the knife to smooth all the edges
  6. Finally, wash it with water (Yes, wash it).

Step 4: Enjoy

This tablet stand is so simple yet so strong. It can hold the tablet in both vertical position and horizontal.
The small gap for straight stand and the bigger gap for better view. Put the short end outside will help the device lean further. Remember: do not glue the tea plan with the pipe, let friction do its job because you might want to change between 2 gaps.

Do you know 3 pipes + a tee plan pipe = hold up to 3 devices at a time? Welcome to Gangs of lazy people :v

Since my mom saw 2 more pipes, she said she prefer using 2 pipes for both side rather than 1 with a tee plan. Should yourself, mom .____.

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