SuperBowl SeaHawks Drink

Introduction: SuperBowl SeaHawks Drink

About: John Kramer and Mark Fleming are SuperTenders serving the comedic and cocktail needs of the Chicago Improv Community.

SuperBowl 2015 is here, and if you're a SeaHawks Fan you're going to love this great SuperBowl Cocktail the SuperTenders have cooked up especially for this epic contest. We Give you: The "12th Man Cocktail with a side of Beast Mode." (And be sure to check out our YouTube Video above for more complete directions and some fun!)

Step 1: Here's What You Need

A bag of Skittles

An iced tumbler glass

1.5 oz. Silver Tequila

1/2 oz. Blue Curacao

Sweet and Sour Mix

Step 2:

Into the iced tumbler glass pour the Tequila, Blue Curaco and then top off the glass with some Sweet & Sour Mix.

Now open that bag of Skittles and pull out all the green ones, which you can then drop into the drink as a garnish. The Blue Drink and the Green Skittles make a great SeaHawks Color Scheme!

Step 3:

Now enjoy your drink, root for the SeaHawks along with SuperTender Mark, and then enjoy our video up above. And don't forget to follow us here on Instructables where The SuperTenders Post a fun new drink every Friday!


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    7 years ago

    Cool, but the bears are better :D