SuperDuo Flower Necklace

Introduction: SuperDuo Flower Necklace

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I saw this pin in Pinterest ( and I wanted to make it! Unfortunately the pin didn't lead to a tutorial, so I studied the photo and did a little reverse engineering and worked out how to do it!

You will need:

0.25mm monofilament thread
SuperDuo/Twin beads
Size 10 (or size 11) seed beads
4mm pearls (or round beads)
4mm silver plated jump rings
silver plated chain

Step 1: The Tutorial

This tutorial is super simple and is perfect for beginners! Each flower is made individually, and then connected them together. This means you can make your necklace/bracelet as long as you like. It's ideal for beginners to make because there is nothing difficult about this bead weaving project.

Step 2: Final Photos

I love this necklace and have worn it so many times. It's classically stylish and goes with so many styles and outfits.

Since posting this tutorial, I have found out that the original photo is from a Jill Wiseman tutorial, but I use a very different technique to her so I don't feel guilty about posting it :)

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