Introduction: Super Mario Using Buzzer

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Listening music relax our mind and soul. Lets add some music to your arduino projects using a single component , buzzer.

I found this awesome project using Buzzer which play super mario theme song written by Dipto Pratyaksa on instructables. In addition to old project, i used a potentiometer to stop the buzzer in between the tone is playing on loop. I have connected buzzer at Pin 13 so i have made code according to it .

Step 1: Components Required

Step 2: Circuit Schematic

Pin 13 --> buzzer

A0 --> wiper

5V --> terminal 1 of potentiometer

GND --> terminal 3 of potentiometer , negative of buzzer

Step 3: Arduino Code

This code is a lengthy code and it will work with potentiometer only as i have made this code according to my project.

Note: - we cannot use potentiometer in this project to change volume of song as we have already fixed the tone inside the code . for changing the volume we can use audio amplification module.