Introduction: SuperTiny Concrete Skulls

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In this instructable you will learn how to do a simple silicone mold to concrete casting !

Or you can only print these SUPERTINY GEOMETRIC SKULLS !!


- 3d printer !

- mdf wood boards + silicone (for molds)

- concrete (water based)

Step 1: 3d Modeling (me) + 3d Printing Preparation (you)

I already modeled the geometric skull in blender ! Is a great 3d free software by the way, if you want to get started with 3d modeling you defenitly should learn it! In this step you can download the .stl file and use your slicer to prepare the .gcode for the printing. You can print one by one or in groups. For the molds i printed one by one and it was a very slow print for more detail on my PLA skulls.

Step 2: 3d Printing on My Maker300

Here is a couple of images to give you an idea of the super tiny size of one skull !!

Compared to my Maker300 of MAKERMADE - 30*30cm is the size of the bed

Excellent print detail on a 0.27mm layer height. (0.2mm nozzle)

Step 3: Casting the Silicone - MOLD PART !!

Prepare your tiny skulls for the mold. My mold was made of 10 pieces.

You have to glue the wood base and edges (mdf boards) with some glue.

Then with normal silicone i glued a line on the inside edges (bottom and sides) to prevent the silicone leaking out. After that i glued the 10 skulls to the base (without touching each other).

Last step was prepare the silicone with the two additives and trow it into the mold.

Step 4: Demold the Mold ;)

Here you can see in the photos when i demolded the mold, hehe

Don't forget to wait at least 24 hours to demold the silicone piece !!

Step 5: Concrete Cast !

There you have it !

Just mix some water based concrete (like quickcrete) and throw it into the mold !!

And then wait the time that your concrete says !

U can use some colored concretes like me !


Now you have the mold to do hundreds of them !! You can use them to decore or just for having fun !

I hope you enjoyed the Instructable !

Thanks and dont forget to mention my designs on instagram !! @ esparapse

Step 7: Have Fun Hiding Them in the Street !!

Have fun like me !

Step 8: Another One Hidden ;)

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