Introduction: Superbowl Cake - With Easy Team Logo

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Show your team loyalty with a cake honoring your favorite team and sporting their logo!
An easy way to put a great looking logo on your cake.

My daughter, age 9, wanted a team cake for the Super Bowl - So here's how to make a cool looking one!
She baked the cake, sprinkles and all - I had the decorating task.

This method does NOT use edible paper and inks, just ingenuity and a steady hand.

Items needed:

Cake mix and related ingredients along with the kitchen utensils necessary to prepare
Frosting of choice & White Frosting
Food Coloring
Computer, printer and paper
Scissors and possibly tape
Zipper freezer bags

Step 1: Bake a Cake

Bake your favorite cake per the instructions.  We used a 9 x 13 inch sheet cake.

Frost and decorate while keeping the area where you want the logo open with just frosting.

Step 2: Print Your Team Logo

Go online and find the team logo or other art you want to reproduce on the cake.  Art that is simple with a single or limited number of colors and details makes the whole process easier.

Print the logo onto regular paper at the size you want the logo to appear on the cake - full size.  
(Print the logo over multiple sheets if you are dealing with a large cake and need a really large logo.  Tape the sheets of paper together into a single sheet). 

Cut the logo out.  If there's lots of intricate details around the perimeter it may be wise to not include all of them.  Just cut wide around them.

Step 3: Mark Reference 'Points' on Your Logo

Push a toothpick through the printed image where lines intersect or at other noticeable locations so you can 'connect-the-dots' to draw the image later.

After the frosting has dried a bit and has a thin 'crust' on it lay the paper image carefully on the cake trying to keep it from sticking to the frosting.  

Poke the toothpick back through the holes you've made to transfer these locations into the frosting.  In addition to the interior details its a good idea to go around the perimeter and completely trace the outline of the image with toothpick pokes in the frosting.

After marking the perimeter and interior details with toothpick pokes in the frosting remove the paper from the cake and keep it handy for reference.

Step 4: Prep Your Colored Frosting

Make or buy the white frosting you want to draw your image with.  

Divide your frosting into sufficient amounts for each color, allowing larger quantities dedicated to colors that have the greatest area in your image.  Color your frosting with food coloring.  Unfortunately most logos have dark saturated colors which take lots of food coloring to get the color dark.

Load your 'drawing tools'!  Don't have a pastry bag?  Why dirty one even if you have it...  

Load zipper freezer bags with frosting and cut the tip of the corner off.  It only takes a very small hole; 1/16 to 1/8th inch of the tip removed should do it.  Practice with a small amount of frosting until you get the 'line width' you want then load the bag up for use.

Step 5: Follow the Dots!

Start drawing the outline of your logo with colored frosting by following the dots you poked in the cake's frosting.  Keep the paper image close at had for easy reference.  Make sure to match your frosting colors to the original artwork.

Go back and fill in the solid areas, smoothing the frosting together to make it solid with no base frosting color peeking through.

Repeat with each color until finished.

Step 6: The Finished Product!

Enjoy your edible work of art - ready to be gobbled up by appreciative fans!