Introduction: Superfood Everyday Smoothie

For years I’ve been going to countless smoothie shops; i've spent more money than I care to think about. I’ve tried hundreds of different smoothies but none of them consisted of everything I was looking for. In the pursuit of finding something delicious, but healthy I made my own Super Food Smoothie. Unlike all the others I’ve tried, this one has all the nutrients I was looking for to start my day.


· Frozen Spinach

· Oat Milk

· Tart Cherry Juice

· Bananas

· Flax Seeds

· Frozen Blueberries

· Frozen Raspberries

· Frozen Blackberries.

· Blender

*Use frozen products for a

smoother blend

Step 1: Step One: Pour 8 Oz of Oat Milk Into the Blender.

Step 2: Step Two: Pour a ½ Cup of Cherry Juice Into the Blender

Step 3: Step Three: Add Two Handfuls of Frozen Spinach

Step 4: Step Four: Blend for 30 Seconds or Until It Is Smooth

Step 5: Step Five: Add 1 Tbs. of Grounded Up Flax Seeds

Step 6: Step Six: Cut 1 Banana Into Slices. Next, Put Banana Slice in the Blender

Step 7: Step Seven: Mix the Frozen Fruit to Your Own Preference. Then Add Two Handfuls of the Frozen Berries. Blend for 30 Seconds or Until the Mixture Is Smooth and the Color Turns Purple

Step 8: Step Eight: Pour It in a Glass or Storage Bag and Enjoy!