Introduction: Superhero Capes From Old (or New) T-shirts.

I have 4 boys and they are rough. Of course when its play time thing always get out of control. I needed some serious upgrades to the store bought costume stuff. Plus with multiple boys I needed more than one of everything so sharing would not be an issue. The problem is the stuff at my local super store was cheaply made with thin materials and stitching that would shred to tatters in a single play session with my boys. I needed a more affordable solution as well as one that would last for many play sessions over and over :)

I came up with the idea when i saw some large black shirts on sale at the hobby store. I figured this would be perfect and I could get all the materials at the same time. Its been a few years now since I made them and its my first instructable as well. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to create something fun!

Step 1: What Do We Need to Fight Crime and Battle the Underworld?

As I mentioned this was made a few years ago but it was very simple. As a guy I am not a "seamstress" but can figure out how to use a sewing machine. Plus I like being the cool dad and make awesome stuff for my boys!

Materials used are quick and easy.

1 . T- shirt any color. I used black. This will be the under side of the cape.

2. Any material you like that will be color of the cape. In this instructable I used a shiny blue satin and a red shiny satin. (green was still incomplete at the time photos taken). get enough material to cover the main 'body' torso of the shirt.

3. Optional - Patch / Iron on letter of your child's Superhero's first name.

4. Optional - Felt or other material color for small symbol/shape in the middle of the cape.

That is it, I used a sewing machine to put it all together but I bet you could do it by hand if you have skills I don't.

Step 2: Making the Staple to All Superheros...

Here we go...

First cut the sleeves off the shirt.

Second cut the seam up the side of shirt. You should have something similar to a poncho left.

Third, cut one side of the "poncho" off as seen on 3rd photo with red material beneath.

Fourth, cut some of your favorite material to be used for the "top" side of the cape. I used some blue on one, and red on another.

Before you sew the two main pieces of material together, you can pin them to make it easier. Also note place the outward facing material together. (Just like when making a pillow case) sew 3 of 4 sides together and pull the material "rightside-out" before sewing the last fourth final edge/seam.

Step 3: Look Ma - No Seams!

as per the previous step, (like a pillow case), you should have no visible seams. At least on 3 of the er edges :) as seen on my images above. You could insert fabric between your material for extra padding or rigidness...on to final step with decorations.

Step 4: Clean Up the Neck Line

cut and trim around the neck line. Leave however much you superhero requires for maximum comfort. I folded about a half inch edge over to prevent frayed edges and sewed a simple stitch with my sewing machine. You could do this by hand of course. Dont forget to sew up the final edge along the top of the cape (behind the neck). Closing the 'pillow case' sewn shut so to speak :)

That is basically it at this point, if you want to go further and add some extra detail with some flourishes, lets keep going....

Step 5: Cut Your Favorite Shapes

I used a piece of yellow felt material and I found a scrap of silver from some other scrap remnants. Cut them to size using your favorite tools and size it up first.Make sure its not to big and not too small, if you are going to put more decor inside.

I sewed the silver piece to the yellow felt first so it wouldn't be a total hack job through the cape as I put it all together. Plus it was getting a think for my sewing machine to handle.

After that was done I sewed the yellow felt to each of the red and blue capes.

Step 6: Add the Best Crime Fighting Symbol to Instill Fear in Any Villian

My oldest superhero get and Iron on / patch with a letter "C" on his blue cape. His younger brother "sidekick' got an "L"

They can be applied with an Iron or sewed on of course. Supposedly there is glue that will work as well but I didn't use any of that stuff.

Lastly time to try them on and strike a pose!

Step 7: Strike a Pose!

Get a volunteer to help try on the new cape for some action!

The masks were made following another tutorial I found on the internet from a competitor site!

** Last picture you can see the red cape is a little big on "L" but he will grow into it! and the best part is I know it will last until then!

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