Introduction: Superhero Hooded Towel

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I rarely sew anything for my poor neglected son, who gave me a guilt trip about it the other day...sheesh. He is obsessed with all things superhero right now, so I decided to go in that direction. He is also obsessed with his sister’s pink bear hooded towel {strange boy} so I figured I’d solve two things at once by making him a superhero hooded towel. He ADORES it! It’s a super easy, quick and cheap {my favorite combo} project and I’m sure there will be plenty more sewn in the future!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:A regular sized bath towel, a hand towel {I used the cheap ones from Target}, bias tape, felt, iron-on double sided adhesive, temporary spray adhesive, the usual sewing supplies and your applique pattern.

Step 2: Design Your Superhero Applique

You can add any appliqué {or none at all}, but here is how I made the custom one. I found an outline for the superman logo and used publisher {cause I’m old school} to add his name. Here’s the logo if you want to use it. Open it in publisher and insert word art using ‘Arial black, bold’ for the font and the ‘triangle down’ shape, then resize it until it fits the outline. It should look like this. Print it out the size you want. Cut the outline out of the background color felt (mine is yellow).

Step 3:

Cut out your paper template. Leaving the outline shape and letters.

Cut a piece of your double sided iron-on adhesive and apply it to a piece of your foreground felt. Use the temporary spray adhesive and apply it to the right side of your paper template and stick it onto the iron-on adhesive. Trace around your template and cut out all the interior pieces and the outline shape. -Carefully peel off your template and the iron-on adhesive backing. Iron your foreground piece onto your background shape. Ta-da, custom superhero appliqué!

Step 4: Cut the Hood

The towel is super simple to make. To form the “hood” of the towel, take the hand towel and fold it in half widthwise. Measure 5.5” in along fold and cut from that mark to the corner.

That's what it looks like unfolded.

Step 5: Sew the Hood

Take a piece of bias tape and sew it along your cut line.

Fold it in half right sides together again and sew along the side opposite your cut/seam binding opening.

Measure in 1.5” diagonally from the corner and sew a curved line to form the top of the hood.

Step 6: Assemble the Pieces

Take your regular towel and find the center of the long side. Unfold your hood and pin it right sides together to the towel matching the centers and long edges.

Fold each corner of the “hood” back about 4” to give it more of a hood shape. Sew all the way across to attach the hood.

Step 7: Optional Closure

Feel free to stop there, but I wanted to add a velcro tab so it would stay on so he could run around like a superhero. Grab your leftovers from the hand towel and cut a piece about 3"x7”.

Fold it in half lengthwise and sew one short side and the long side.

Flip it inside out and sew on a piece of velcro to one end {ignore the fact that it looks like I cut off Elmo’s finger}.

I sewed mine where the hood and towel meet on the left side overlapping about 3”. Sew the opposing piece of velcro to the other side of the hood.

Step 8: Finishing Touch

Flip the towel over, center your appliqué on the back and stitch in place. And it’s all ready to turn your little one into an adorable superhero!

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