Introduction: Superhero Letters

Cut your sheet into sizes that would fit the size of letters you want. For me I did an 8 x 10

Step 1: Draw Letters

Draw your letters onto your board. To make it easier you can print free letters from the computer to the size you need and then trace them onto the board.

Step 2: Cut Out

Now that, that’s done it’s time to cut out your letters.

Step 3: Design

It’s time to draw your pattern onto the shapes. (I did not take a picture of this step)

Step 4: Fun Part

Now here comes the fun part. It’s time to paint your design. For me I used acrylic paint and honestly I picked it up from the dollarstore.

Step 5: Seal

After the paint dried I used a clear Coat spray seal

Step 6: Put Them Up

I used a strong velcro I picked up from Canadian tire and used that to hang them up onto the wall. I used painters tape to help make it level

Step 7: All Done

Time to celebrate with the finished product lol

Yes I painted the skyline as well