Superhero Outfit

Introduction: Superhero Outfit

Easy and extremely fun to make! It's especially fun to make with your friends, just resist the urge to splatter paint on your friends...

What you'll need:
Different colors of paint (can be cheap... doesn't really matter as long as its not too thick)
spray paint
plain colored shirt- long sleeve, short sleeve, tank, once again it doesnt really matter
plain colored fabric or pillow cases 
masking tape 
tights or leggings- I found $5 ones at target
paint stirring sticks 
some sort of board to splatter paint on
also a black eye mask (not the sleeping kind the super hero kind) 

Step 1: Break Out the Masking Tape

Put masking tape on your shirt in the shape of a letter or symbol (wherever you want the letter, I put mine pretty big on the center)
You'll do the same thing on your cape, if you're making this with a friend it's cool of you both have the same symbol on the cape (unless one person is a villain and one is a hero)

if you want a thicker line, use duct tape

any kind of tape that is very breakable or think aka scotch tape... will NOT work!

Step 2: Let's Splatter

put your shirt on a board, and get out the paint buckets 
put the stirring sticks in the paint buckets
(i guess if you're boring you can use just one color of paint)
flick, spiral, throw... just splatter the paint however you want unto the shirt!
cover it pretty well

it should be dry by the next day
doing the same thing to the back is optional, but it sure looks cooler when theres paint on both sides

you also end up with a really cool board
ps-if you want to REALLY splatter it, I would suggest either no tape, or tape on one side with less paint... other wise the tape could become really hard to peel off
I would also advise splattering outside on grass

Step 3: Cape Time

If you bought pillow cases (two should work):
-Rip out the seams, but be careful not to rip the actually pillow 
-Sew both cases together (sewing machine work a lot easier than hand sewing....)
-if not the desired width or height (although mine was) you can cut it

If you bought fabric/bed sheet:
Just cut to the desired length and width...

and if you really care, iron it

now put your superhero/villian symbol on the back with masking tape
spray paint over the tape with any color that will show up on your cape
optional-spray another color/metallic paint lightly on top

if your cape tends to fly away with the wind while drying, just put something heavy on the corners

after the spray paint dries, peel off the tape and paint where the tape used to be (there will be a clear outline) with a paint brush

Step 4: Once Everything Is Dry

CAREFULLY peel all the tape off, then you're done!!

wear the awesome shirt with the cape, matching tights, eye mask, and some shorts!
if anyone does this be sure to post a picture in the comments!!

also, you don't have to use so many colors, two colors could look really cool as well

if you do this with a friend one person could do bright colors and be the hero and there other friend could use dark colors (maybe some red too) and be the villain!

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