Introduction: Superman Cape for Puppy

So, I know Halloween has passed, but you can use this for next Halloween or just making your puppy look adorable!!!

Day Before Halloween: Putting the finishing touches on my Red Riding Hood cape. I look at my dog...look at my leftover fabric...think, hey, I'm gonna make a Superman cape!

It was relatively easy. I made it in about 10 minutes, easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy-mac-n-cheesy. ;)

Yes, I included a picture of my adorable Morkie puppy, just a dose of cuteness to brighten your day.

Step 1: Supplies

Ok, here we go:


  • about half a yard of red fabric. ( feel free to use different colors or different amounts of fabric for bigger dogs or different capes!)
  • Small square of yellow felt
  • 4 sew-on snaps
  • Boy Scout badge stick-on paper. You can find this at any Boy Scout supplies store. This, I found, was the easiest way to do it
  • Rolling fabric cutter
  • Fabric cutting board
  • needle & thread
  • tape measurer
  • Fabric scissors

Now we're all set :)

Step 2: Step 1: Measure and Cut

Ok, now we measure the dog and cut the fabric.

I used a tape measurer to measure from my dog's neck (around his collar, the collar is an important part in this) to where his tail starts. Now lay out your red fabric and measure the edge the length of your dog. (minus the tail) Now, this part i didn't do very professionally, I just cut one side, made the curve, then cut the other side. And then i cut the other side. I am sorry that this isn't very descriptive, I just kinda went free-style here. ;) Also, include little tabs about 2 inches long. Now, before you cut anything, here is a very good saying that my sewing grandmother told me: measure twice, cut once. I learned this very well when I was sewing my cape. ;)

Ok, next, we're going to cut out the Superman symbol. I do realize that superman doesn't have the 'S' on the cape, but I put it on there because my puppy isn't gonna be wearing a shirt with an 'S' on it, so...I put it on the cape. I made the top of the yellow base for my 'S' about 7". The slanted sides were about 2" and the slants going down were about 7". It was fairly easy. Then, I cut small red strips for each of the sides and, yes, I glued them on. It held surprisingly well, actually. The 'S' was very tricky. I'm afraid I don't have any real great advice for this part. All I did was find the 'S' picture, traced it with a pen, and cut it out with fabric scissors. Then I, again, glued it on.

Step 3: Step 2: Putting on the 's'

So, I used the Boy Scout badge-stick sheets and cut out the shape of my diamond-S. There are instructions on the sheet, but I will also tell you here.

I placed it on the back of the diamond, peeled off the back of that, and pressed it on the middle of the cape.

Yay, it was all put on!!!

Step 4: Step 4: Finishing Touches

Ok, now this part is a little trickier. Remember the tabs we cut out in step one? Ok, so you are going to put one snap on the top of it and one on the bottom of that tab. On both tabs.

Now, sew the snaps on. You can use a thread and needle, I find that easier for small things like snaps.

Now, you should be able to snap the cape on your puppy's collar.

I hope this worked out for you! Now, enjoy walking around with Superman, er, your dog! ;)

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