Introduction: Supersize News Paper Bag

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I make this super size news paper bag to encourage people to recycle paper and reduce use of plastic bags for better future of our mother earth!
Even though this is a super size paper bag, you can follow same steps to make a news paper bag of desire size.


All the supplies are easily available at your home, you need:

  • News Papers
  • Any paper glue
  • Measuring tape (optional)

Step 1: Join News Papers to Make a Giant One

You have to join the news papers to make a giant paper.
Here I'm using the full pages (two joint pages) to make the bigger one.
The size of the full page is 26 inches × 22 inches.

First of all join the two pages side by side.
I joint the 3 of such pages to make a long page. After preparing 4 of such big papers and joining them, you get a giant paper of size 104 × 66 inches.
As mentioned before, you can choose any size of your desired.

Step 2: Join Two Opposite Sides

Now as you get the giant paper of size 104 × 66 inches. Join the opposite sides (66 inches side) with each other using the paper glue. You get a half sized rectangular as shown in picture. It forms a big ring.
The adjust the joint you make at center of rectangle.

Step 3: Fold Two Edges

Now as you get the double paper rectangle, give 6 inches fold to the both non-open edges. As shown in picture. Give it a sharp crease.

Step 4: Make Accordion Folds on Edges

Now give a inside pop to the folded edges, so that it forms a 4 layered paper at edge. This is known as a accordion fold. It help to open the bag easily and give a rectangular shape to cross section of bag. The accordion fold is shown in the pictures.

Step 5: Fold Bottom Edge

Now give a fold of 6 inch to the bottom edge (As shown in pictures). So that we can modify it to make a seal.

Step 6: Fold Corners of Bottom Edges

Now fold the both corners of the bottom edge along the crease make in step 5. We get rectangles at corners.

Step 7: Seal the Base

Now fold the upper and lower paper on each other as shown. And join it using paper glue. Apply glue to the all corners so that it forms a tight seal. Wait for 2 minutes to let it dry.

Step 8: Make Handles

A bag is useless without a handle to hold it. So you have to make long paper stripes of 2 inches wide and 10 inches long. Stick them using the paper glue.

Step 9: Attach Handles

Attach the handles you make at appropriate distance form each side. Keep the constant distance while attaching it. Let it dry.

Step 10: Your Done!

Hurray! Your done with the DIY supersize news paper bag. You can store the clothes, cotton, old news papers, etc. into this supersize bag.
You can make a smaller version of this bag by following same steps.
Thank you!

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